Had a 3 day ban, came back, perma ban?

Ban reason: Participated in killing HoS, rule “lawyered”
Length of ban: It was originally 3 days but when I came back to play a week later its now a perma ban.
Events leading to the ban: A joke was made over unions being banned so I formed what I believed to be a joke union at bar, I was with a another officer and HoS came in and demoted us and tried arresting us. I punched a guy threatening to kill us, I ran, we got violent, I shot, I downed HoS, another person executed him. The HoS then proceeded to coup the station (this wasn’t relevant to the violence before hand but I felt its important to note that neither the HoS not the other offending sec officer got perma banned according to users in the discord server.)
Reason the ban should be removed: As previously mentioned I got perma banned while others supposedly got off with a temp or none. Eitherway that isn’t my main point, this was my first offense for 1, after around 80 hours of being a good player. The ban originally was temporary which I accepted after a admin argued with me that unions fell under rebellion. I wasn’t rule lawyering, I misinterpreted the rules thinking a union isn’t a rebellion, that I apologize for, it is important to note that I am a Spanish speaker. I accepted the consequences of the original ban, but not this, especially without my consultation. 

My bad, 60 hours


Do not “jokingly” call a union/riot/revolt whatever it is because this exact situation tends to happen where other people use it as an excuse to ruin everything. We will still hold you at fault for instigating the matter, jokingly or not. Even regardless of your “joking” instigation you still seem to have proceeded to attack someone and then “get violent” under the guise of your union antics.

Don’t do anything remotely like it again. Accepted.

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