Haku_ [Randomly arrested a Chem and left as soon as finished]

I would like to first apologize in advance for any bad grammar or spelling I try my best but I am diagnosed with dyslexia 

SS14 account: haku_
Character name: mei
Type of Ban: Game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: Permanent 
Reason for Ban: ‘Randomly arrested a Chem and left as soon as finished. This ban was escalated to permanent as you left and no conversation was had.’
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard.
Your side of the story: I was apprehending a suspected Antag (in an inappropriate manner I will admit). About 10 seconds after I had cuffed them HOS walked into the medbay and asked me what I was doing, I was going to answer but I had to leave as my family had just come home (IRL) and I needed to help them bring groceries in from our car. (Yes I know this sounds dodgy, but I promise you I am telling the truth) when I was done helping them I returned to find that I had been banned. 
Why you think you should be unbanned: I believe that this ban was unfair as it was mealy circumstances that I was unable to explain myself to HOS, yes my methods were out of line and that probably did warrant demotion, or time in a cell, but in my opinion it did not justify a ban. I believe you can trust me not to do anything like this again because in the year that I have been playing the game I have never once been banned or gotten into any trouble with any admin. I promise not to do anything like this again. As for what I can offer this community I will not lie to you there is not much io can offer other then a willingness to to provide a good atmosphere for other in the game. 

Ok let me be clear i think it would be perfectly reasonable to give me a a small ban i just really dont want want it to be permanent, because i really enjoy the game and it would really suck to be banned from the most populates server.

for the record i am not grovelling nor am i begging i am simply trying to reason. 

For the record, the permanent ban is for starting a dialogue in the forum (by appeal) so you could explain yourself since you couldn’t be reached by ahelp at the time.

Hey Haku_,

I am reviewing the circumstances of your ban to see if this is a genuine misunderstanding. There are a few things I would like clarified before I go forward:

  • Your ban reason also states you “Killed two doctors”, but you seem to have left this out of your appeal. I am more concerned about this part of your ban reason rather then having to leave in the middle of an arrest.
  • You say you were arresting a chemist “in an inappropriate manner”, I am not sure what you mean and you didn’t elaborate. Can you please explain this comment.


Ok id first like to apologise i thought i said two in the explain in your own words part, as i say i was under the belief that they were antags as a i saw them in a hall way with some guns doing some suspicious activity some time before the incident (no i did not see then say anything) 

now as for the part about the ‘inappropriate manner of arrest’ as i say i saw then with what i believe to be guns (not sure what kind) and so when i saw the suspects again i took no chances and shot both of them before cuffing them, this at the time seemed reasonable through against protocol as i was in the medbay and so i could get the healed without any stress provided i didn’t have to leave so abruptly, and i do believe it would have been reasonable had i said something. As i didn’t say anything i do believe that this was an inappropriate way to handle the situation and so i would be fully understanding if a small ban was imposed (something between 20mimutes to 3 days) however as my intentions were only to preform my role in the game and this kind of incident is one that i had never done before this nor do i ever intend to again i do see it unfair to be permanently banned. 

17 hours ago, Fey said:

For the record, the permanent ban is for starting a dialogue in the forum (by appeal) so you could explain yourself since you couldn’t be reached by ahelp at the time.

This is what i was told by a friend who works on the game, however i was worried about it becoming permanent as I see that some appeals have been rejected. Thus the i sent a further message because i really dont want to be permanently banned from the most populated server of my favourite game. 

Hey Haku_,

Let me just preface this with, from what we can see in the logs, this looks really, really bad. It would appear to me you shot two people in Medbay with a vector without saying a word, then almost immediately disconnected after handcuffing one of them. This would have almost certainly netted you some kind of ban had you been online to discuss it, and most players who do this and disconnect get their appeals refused because it is blatant RDM. I’d also like to add with the information initially provided in your appeal (namely, leaving out large gaps of why you were banned like the part where you shot two people to death and disconnected), the administration team initially moved to unanimously deny this appeal.

But, after closely comparing the logs and your side of the story together (with the additional post you made), I can’t find a spot where I think you’ve lied to us. Your use-of-force here is almost unquestionably out of line since you shot someone else with a disabler AFTER you shot someone with your vector, and you didn’t attempt to call for help to arrest the multiple subjects you thought were doing traitor things and opted to open fire instead. This could have absolutely been handled in a more controlled manner, probably without lethal force all together, or maybe without force at all if you just tried to talk to someone.


All these facts considered, staff consensus is to  accept  this appeal, but with the stipulation of a  one-week security department ban.  The use of lethal force here seems to me to be extremely over-the-top and I think you ought to take a brief break from the role before you jump right back into it. Your ban will be lifted and the department role-ban applied shortly.

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