HoS emergency orders ERT rework proposal

The purpose of this request is to rework the Head of Security’s emergency orders

As of currently, the Head of Security’s high value item is virtually useless, and serves no other purpose rather than being a target for syndicate agents to steal as an objective.

My proposal is to make the HoS’s emergency orders act as a way to contact Central Command for assistance during emergencies, via spawning ghost roles, such as ERT and CBURN.

The way i suggest to implement this is for the orders to have a randomized code inside of them (like traitors) with a card that you insert into the red phone, as well as the an authorization code (like the auth disk).

This suggestion would help change how roles play such as nuclear operatives and initial infected, enticing them to change their strategy around the Emergency orders.

In terms of balancing it could be changed in what situations the orders could be activated, such as disabling the option to when Nuclear Operatives declare war on the station, and etc.

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Added space-station-14