Hours not adding up

Im here to report that i am missing role hours 

I was asking an admin about my role hours and i was told i only have 2 days on the game even though i have 120 hours and i also have roles such as warden locked behind playtime




Steam hours does not reflect well because having the launcher up also counts towards the time.

Meaning that I could launch the launcher and build up steam time without joining the server.

Playtime hours are only accrued while you are actively playing the game after you join the station as that role. You do not gain time when you

  • Are not playing the game (AFK)
  • Dead/observing
  • Change jobs during the round via the HoP or other means

Role timers were also changed greatly the last time you played. And, as KaiShiba has pointed out, having the launcher open is not playtime.

Well i guess the role timers changing kind of explains the fact that they changed answers my question because i used to have every role unlocked