How to reach out to RMC mods?

Discord hates me. I cannot use it. Is there any way to reach out to them to appeal an indefinite ban? From what I understood they permabanned me for using the word “REMOVED BY STAFF” which is now an offensive slur despite being in common use in CM13.

A lot of WizDen mods are also mods for CM13. Whisper and some others… just ask around and find a mod.
Also, word of advice, since culture changes so rapidly and for some reason decides to have no rule of conformity or guideline ye should probably do what I do and only use somthin’ like four of the basic exasperation words. Ye can’t go wrong with that.

RMC mod here, for the time being we’re using discord in-place of an actual forum website.

Are you completely unable to join the discord?

Also yes, “REMOVED BY STAFF” goes against our zero tolerance rules

I’m not registered on Discord but I hoped to use a temporary account without an email tied to it, but I get banned within 5 minutes of joining. Discord is extorting me for a mail, and not just any mail but one tied to real identity. Handing out my data to Discord just for this one appeal doesn’t sit well with my paranoia. Not gonna bother. Screw them.

Also, why does just saying that word yield a permaban? Thats incredibly silly. Give a temporary ban.

Also, whats the new sanctioned word for it? Deltoid? Delturd? Deltist?

Because it’s a slur.

Anyways, you’ve received all the help you need, locking this thread now.