HPLovecraft, Ban Appeal: Stealing shoes from cap as sec

Role(s): All Security Roles
Length of ban: Perma
Events leading to the ban: I used the stealy glove things that the syndicates can buy after i was told not to by i believe warden, i then used them to steal shoes from the captain. Then i got told that I wasn’t allowed to disobey commands from the warden / use syndicate items in general
Reason the ban should be removed: It’s been a couple of months since i was banned, and I understand that my actions were annoying and unnecessary and I now how have a greater understanding on what is and isn’t allowed as sec.  I would like to give sec another shot especially since a lot of stuff has been changed since I last played

You’ve only connected to the server on two separate days this month with only a few scattered connections in June and May combined. Appeal this in about a week after a bit more playtime and we’ll roll it back. Denied.

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