[Hwee] - [Starting Cult/3rd ban] 3rd appeal

SS14 account username: [Hwee]
Ban reason: [Cult. 3rd ban within 6 months]
Date of ban: [2/11/23]
Length of ban: [Appeal only]
Events leading to the ban: [I used to serve as a Chaplain at a station in Detroit. At first, I began by wearing cult robes and setting up an altar. I even had some toys and created a summoning circle, embracing the culture of the cult. When the Captain requested a shuttle call, everyone agreed, but unfortunately, the administrator canceled it. This made me quite angry as I felt frustrated with the inefficiency of Detroit station. Shortly after this incident, an engineer entered my room while I was in the middle of a ritual, and in my state of mind, I instinctively attacked him. As a result, he called security, and I ended up fighting against them. In the midst of the chaos, the administrator intervened and I was permanently banned without being able to dispute anything but the cult.]
Reason the ban should be removed: [I am going to be honest this was so long ago I don’t remember what happened and asked chat GTP to re word my past “Events leading to the ban” I want to be unbanned to enjoy this game again. I believe that the 3 bans were due to me being dumb but I played a lot on Nyano but that didnt mean anything then and will definitely not now.  I know the admins dislike me and I would too, and I couldn’t get anyone to vouch for good behavior because I didn’t feel like looking for someone. I have nearly 500 hours on this game (granted half is spent leaving the launcher open by accident).  the template says to treat you like humans and that’s the best I can do.  if there are any questions or if you want me to do anything I can try. ]

If I don’t get unbanned all I can hope for is another appeal but at the same time I don’t feel like doing this every month. Your Choice


Its sad my entire forum profile looks like a criminal record, its all appeals lmao

29 minutes ago, Hwee said:

Its sad my entire forum profile looks like a criminal record, its all appeals lmao

Holy shit my other posts would get me banned not unbanned, honestly with how rude I was being I am surprised I got to appeal again.

We have decided to unban you at this time, though I would highly encourage reading through the rules again when you come back. 

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