I am very sorry for what i have done

ok this is what happened i was having fun and i did not know killing 5 people was ban able i was not traitor i killed 5 people and then i died so a admin messaged me and told me why did you kill 5 people with out being traitor i thought it was a player cause i was new so  typed back mad?? cause i thought it was a player juts having fun then i saw then ban thingy and i fucked up  you guys could have ban me for a week or 5 days cause i had no clue that this was ban able this was like 3  or idk months ago on like a server i think  i was a guard as my role and a guy told me to kill people so i did cause i thought that was fine  my user name is thisgameisgood and i did not think a perm ban was fair maybe a week ban or 5 day ban is fair after that i been waiting for like months to pass to see if i am not still ban cause i gota admit this game is rlly fun well i hope you can for give me and pls un ban me. and i would like to thank who ever reads this cause i need this un ban



You do not have any bans logged. Are you sure this is the right game?

this is my second account

and i got baned on my main steam account superalbalizard

Just now, thisgameisgood said:

and i got baned on my main steam account superalbalizard

That account does not seem to exist, are you sure that’s correct?

hold up let me check my accounts

wait can you check emails from accounts?

i got baned on areospace and now i cannot play 

i got baned by a guy with a b and baned from all wizard servers

Please use the ban appeal template. Please also provide your correct SS14-Username, else we’ll just close your appeal, given how we cant find your ban.

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From Rejected to Ban Appeals