I literally don't know what happened I never typed in chat all game because I was ssd

Ban reason: I only saw something about a swastika on announcement screen when I came back from the supermarket
Length of ban: It said it would be removed via appeal
Events leading to the ban: At the start of the shift I took on the role of CE but had to go SSD to run an errand upon reaching back I saw that I had died in caps room then I was dragged to medical the only thing I typed all round was that I was going SSD when I came back to play again I was banned for saying something I literally didn’t say or have any recollection of saying it
Reason the ban should be removed: I did not type this message I was SSD the entire round I have no idea how this even happened if I could get some insight on it that would be great pleas unban me I love the game and I don’t feel like I should be banned for saying something I didn’t type

Hey TMarshal, sorry about that. There was an announcement made with your ID that was not good, but it was not you. Sorry for the ban jumpscare. You are already unbanned.

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