I was permanently banned

SS14 account: RedWineCrimson
When I was banned: Yesterday
Server I was permanently banned from: Wizard Den [US WEST]
Reason for ban: Racial slur  “Nig*a”

Now, I won’t be creating any form of excuses here, I will be very simple and direct, yes I did say it and I am sorry for it, I am used to saying it in my circle of friends as a normal word, since we all are minorities, it is a common slang that is tossed around often, and the context in which this word was said was when I was killed, more of a surprised expression than an offensive one, said in RP and not OOC too.
I do not use this word as a form of attack or insult, and that can be seen from the context and the way the word was written, I did not write it with the “Hard R” at the end, that being the version of this word often used as an insult.
I would like to politely ask to be unbanned, if that is not possible I will understand, I will be sad of course, that I won’t lie, since I do enjoy this game and I wish to see it grow since I’ve been playing the other Space Station games, where rules like these aren’t present, that being another reason why I was caught off-guard, as I was unaccustomed to a more well organized and better written rules.


What about the ban evasion?

The new account?
Yes, my friend wanted to play with me and he went “Eh here let me help you, with a new account you can join.”
He created a new account and I tried to join back in, now with the knowladge that I shouldn’t toss that word in chat, but then I saw I was also banned with a new account.
I am being as honest as I can here, he even told me to just get a VPN but I figured it would just be easier if I came here to talk with you guys about it and get it over with.

It would be, yes, because VPNs don’t work either.
You’ve successfully given us a reason to not trust you. So why should we unban you now?
It’s a lot of trouble for us, volunteers, when people decide to not listen to us and attempt to evade instead.

I did not lie, I just simply did not add that part in because I thought It wouldn’t be necessary, it was a failed attempt.
This is truly all I have here, I can’t really give you guys a better reason or anything beyond what I said in my first post, the whole reason I am playing this game is because my friend wanted someone to play with him and I truly was enjoying the experience, I really wish I don’t lose this because of a slip up like that.
All I can do is just say sorry for breaking that rule and that I won’t do it again.
Also thanks for helping me, I was afraid that I would not get any help at all from an ADM for that mistake. 

If I did offend anyone with that word I am more than willing to reach out to them and speak with them, perhaps fix anything that I might have caused and apologize, I did not think that it would cause this mess, specially since I wasn’t adressing anyone specifically.

Aight. I’ll let you go. Please do not abuse alts, I have banned the account. Unbanned.


From Accepted to Ban Appeals