I was seriously banned for no reason

SS14 account: Zeeltic
Character name: Zeeltic atlas
When was the ban: 10-11 hours ago
Your side of the story: i was playing the match as I normally would giving prisoners fair trials letting them out in five minutes the usual. I then log back on tonight not really even to play it just to see if hos was available then i see failure to perform hos duties leaving prisoners in jail longer then 5 minutes which is totally not true at all i had around four other officers hop and captain all arresting people and what not. and then the other reason was that i left game afk which is true in some way at least. the reason it isnt really true is because i told hop and captain i quite because captain orders 23 pizzas in cargo after i told them i need more cuffs multiple times and i even told hop to hire a new hos as well.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I think that im a great hos and i even teach people how to play.
Anything else we should know: I had to go to work which was the reason i left in the first place i didn’t think the round was going to take so long and we found the traitor at the beginning of the round because there were only 14 people to start which turned to like 30 quickly.

I wouldn’t call leaving two non antags in their cells for over 10 minutes for minor crimes, with one of them beat to death “No Reason”

5 hours ago, Zealtic said:

the other reason was that i left game afk

You were not banned for leaving the game, that’s my bad for wording it incorrectly in the ban reason message.

Ya i didnt put the two non antags in their cells that was probably hop or one of the officers the only person i left in their cell for over five minutes was the clown and that wasnt even my fault i kept trying to get him out of his cell but he never responded to me because he left the game right when i put him in his cell

and i didnt beat anyone either i never even had combat mode up that entire time


It was reported that you were the one that arrested both of the prisoners, and that both were in prison for more than 10 minutes, regardless of whether the clown was online or left, they should have been released after at most 5 minutes.

regardless of if you arrested them or not, you have the responsibility as HoS to make sure either 1: the warden is doing their job correctly or 2: do the wardens job if there is no warden. that is why you failed to uphold HoS duties

did this happen before i left?

and if so why wouldnt they tell me or contact me in radio and who reported that they clearly cant tell the difference between me and captain.

and if i saw one of the officers beating a prisoner or if someone told me they were getting beaten i would have arrested said officer also i did release the clown after he left


You did not release the clown after he left, he was still in prison, along with another person. you left right as i was logging in to take the report, so I couldn’t speak to you myself. I had to ask someone else to release them

dude your lying unless there were two clowns i literally flushed him down the trash chute man at like the beginning of the round you literally banned the wrong guy on top of that i said i quite multiple times so you should have said something to me as i sat down in my chair and said i quite the final time im not arguing with you anymore i cant prove im right i didnt record my screen you guys clearly dont have recordings of the round im uninstalling screw playing this game if i get banned because the captain sucks figured as i left id get banned for somthing i didnt even do


1 minute ago, Zealtic said:

you guys clearly dont have recordings of the round

You should be aware that we log every action that you take in-game.

Ban has ran its course naturally, close this?

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals