Imp_ killing another player with injections of toxins almost a year ago

Injecting players with poison and trying to lie about it when caught. Band elevated to appeal ban due to number of recent infractions on your acount.

it says to appeal it l it.

I don’t remember what lead to it due to how long ago it was.

The reason I think it should be removed is because it was almost a year ago.

please just release me so i can play again, I would hope almost a year would be a decent punishment. I was also banned from the discord server for ever and I was not given a reason by mooney.

I’ve reviewed the ban, I would agree with you a year is a reasonable amount of time for the incident in question.
Be warned though if your intent is to return with the same behaviors actions your next ban will be more severe.

With the discord ban that will need to be done in a separate appeal to be looked in to.

Make sure you catch up on our rules here as they have had significant changes since you last played.
Appeal accepted - I’ve removed the ban.

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