It should be possible to pet Borgs and Mice

I would like to pet our robotic companions

I would like to pet mice.

Currently I can only unlock Borgs and pick up mice.

Maybe this could be done similar to harm mode only instead of hurting you just pat whatever you interact with?


actual need

I’m gonna be an evil one and be like:

We should also be able to tip over borgs on this feature, more like the “unstable borgs” like the normal borg, servant borg, or medical borg. Engineering, Janitorial and Salvage borgs looks stable enough.

If shoving mechanic is still in, shoving borg should tip them over momentarily.

The capacity for cruelty only makes acts of kindness even more special!

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Added space-station-14

Just make sure that left clicking the mouse actually picks it up instead of petting it, its already annoying enough on smile the slime and no one needs another feature to make mice more abnoxious
Would love to pet borgs though

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I don’t think the middle click does anything without shift. How about setting all pets to that by default?