Jack_the_Jukebox - "Multiple and repeated issues with security play."

Role(s): Command, Security
Length of ban: Permanent
Events leading to the ban: As a Security Officer, I took captured carp and put them in a glass room in the court and encouraged people to look at them. A passenger broke them out and they killed multiple people.
Reason the ban should be removed: The ban for at least Command should be removed, as when I saw my admin notes, I noticed it said I did this as HOS. This was as a Security Officer. I’d prefer that the security ban be removed as well, though, as I’ve gotten better and I feel as if I am ready to play security again and follow the rules. What I did with the carp was stupid and was just for fun, and I apologize for it, and I will prioritize RP and gameplay over doing stupid shit that gets people killed.

Just for the record, we’re not going to repeal a ban from another department or area (especially command) just because you weren’t playing that department at that time. We very commonly blanket both of them because if we can’t trust you as an officer we’re not going to trust you as a head of staff.

I see no relevant notes for the period and there has been good connection history. I’m going to remove the rolebans for Cadet, Officer, Detective, and Warden, and change the command rolebans to one week from now. If there’s no additional issues the one week rolebans on command will expire automatically.


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