Jack_The_Jukebox - "Threatened to fax WGW to CC"

Ban reason: Threatened to fax WGW to CC (extended for essentially telling people in ooc to look it up)
Length of ban: 1 week
Events leading to the ban: Round started as Senior Officer, trained cadets, had zombies, I killed a head of staff who was zombified and took their ID and went to bridge to fax CC for help, got told “skill issue” in fax, responded by threatening to fax WGW to CC, then got gibbed, and banned when round ended.
Reason the ban should be removed: I accept responsibility for my actions, and understand what I did was stupid, I intended the fax as a joke and it wasn’t really funny. I only did it because I thought it was going to be for only me and the admin to see. I did talk about WGW in ooc, and mention it, but I did NOT tell people to look it up, and I feel the extension for that was unnecessary. I apologize for what I did and if I am asking if the ban can be reduced back to 1 day or lifted.

Hello. Your previous appeal for the same ban was denied yesterday and it does not appear there are substantive differences. The admin team already voted to deny the previous appeal, and your ban appears to be expiring in ~3 days. Appeal denied, you will need to wait out the ban. You are however free to contact the head game admin if you believe this denial is improper. Please do not submit more appeals for this ban.

To enable speedy review of all appeals, appeals that meet certain requirements may bypass the standard, often lengthy, review process. Our banning policy requires appeals which are denied using the speedy review process have this notice placed on them. Any of the following criteria typically make an appeal eligible for the speedy review process:

  • the ban length is less than or equal to 14 days,
  • the appeal is older than 7 days, or
  • the result of the appeal is obvious.

In some cases, the banning admin may process the appeal. The banning admin cannot process the appeal if:

  • the facts that led to the ban are disputed,
  • the appeal makes a claim that the admin who placed it was biased, or
  • the ban was not within the ban guidelines.

You may contact a head game admin if you believe this appeal was handled improperly, but should be aware that this will typically only result in a review of the processing of the appeal itself, with the appeal being re-opened if an issue is found. An appeal is considered to have been processed improperly if the criteria to use the speedy review process was not met, or if the facts which the processing admin relied on to process the appeal were incorrect. You must concisely describe why you believe the appeal was handled improperly. If no issue is found with the processing of the appeal, the appeal itself will not be re-reviewed. If, in bad faith, you claim that an appeal was handled improperly, the reviewing head admin may decide to extend the time you must wait before you appeal and/or extend your ban duration. You can find a full list of staff, including head game admins at the staff directory.

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