Jarnnor-roleban appeal

Role(s): Medical,Command
Length of ban: Appeal ban
Events leading to the ban: I was playing as CMO and i killed myself 1 time admin named skarlet didnt like it and decided to message me about it,i said that i just wanted to watch someone play bc i was playing on a bad station (idk the name but it was the ruined one) then i punched a sec cadet once wich possibly triggered the admin and decided to message me again and i said that he attacked me (with stun baton maybe 2-3 times) then i took a body out of morgue and left it (to try and make chems to revive them) and i accidentaly left it to rot
Reason the ban should be removed: i didnt have any other bans before only 1 admin message informing me that i shouldnt say “np” “alr” and that stuff and these 3 things arent in the rules

Is this how you remember the situation happening and is there anything else that happened that may be important for someone to know when reviewing both the appeal and the situation?

yea,it happened not long ago so yea i do have a witness that’s my friend i can even ask him now how he does remember that AND i have screenshots of admin messages


I’m glad you have screenshots, can you show me the part of the screenshot where this happened: “i said that i just wanted to watch someone play bc i was playing on a bad station”

If they have a Space Station 14 account, what’s your friend’s username and are they who you wanted to watch play? Does your friend know about what happened because they were watching a stream or something or because you told them after it happened?

I’m not sure if you missed the question when I asked it in my first post or if there was just nothing else you wanted to add, but just to make sure, is there anything else that happened that may be important for someone to know when reviewing both the appeal and the situation?

i have only 3 screenshots of admin messages,sorry

my friend was dead for a few mins watching me and i told him about this

and no there is nothing more to it that i remember

his acc username is Compxr

Thanks, just to make sure I’m understanding correctly: your friend died at some point during the round and was watching you in-game while you two were talking about what was happening in-game and with the admin. Is this correct?

yes then i told him about this situation

Can you have him post his perspective of the situation on this appeal using his SS14 account?

i can try


i know i’m late but here i am

an hour late, but at least it isn’t two

No worries, can you just share what you saw and know about the situation, along with how you learnt about it?

this is mostly what happened when i spawned in onwards because i don’t know how much information you want

I spawn and go to medbay to see if the whole map is ruined like it was by security,

he tells me nobody else is there, also the power Is out so I leave medbay, find a mime on my way, we go up a hallway then get attacked by a space bear, the mime dies, I kill the bear at medbay, I bring the mime back, then I leave.


A while later J tells me to follow him, we go into the morgue, then J asks me to hit him with my stun baton, so I do and leave medbay, J tells me he killed himself because it’s the broken map (or one of them)


I die to a cultist with some Cerberus dogs, me and J get brought to a room in medbay and while he’s getting brought back J tells me he bets that the admin is watching him, I tell him that they are just outside the room that we’re in, J gets revived, also sends me the admin messages, J leaves the room while I follow (ghost follow option) the admin, they’re not moving, I get revived and I leave medbay.






and die to something else

yes it’s a copy and paste

sorry if it’s too long or some of it’s too unnecessary

and he’s gone to bed now, so he won’t respond until tomorrow

Thank you, no worries about the length. All the times you were talking to each other before and after you died, was that in-game, in some other text chat, like discord, or in a vc?

Did anything stand out to you in the screenshots of the ahelp that he sent you?

it was through steam overlay chat

and there was this in one of the screenshots

“Because I’m seeing major incompetency and I need context.”

i feel like that was a bit rude but i don’t know really

Thanks, are you familiar with the server rules and are you aware of jarnnor having done anything during the round that you think broke any rules?