Jeebus0 (explaining the violations)

While I understand that I am supposed to send an appeal after 2 weeks, I want to explain the violations. Even if I do convince you I will be fine with having to wait the 2 weeks but I want to explain how these accused violations are overexaggerated.

Violating rules of sexual content: The only time I remember being warned about something like this was when I saw a man ask for a pie at the altar and got a pie thrown at his face by the admin (god). I laughed and said that he got creampied by god. That was all.

Calling a hunt on furries: While I did start with it. I made sure to ask the crew if they were fine with this. Most of them said yes and so I did what I did.

Asked for a deathsquad: The shift was getting boring and the idea came around my head. I once again asked the crew. Most of them were open to the idea. I even told them that centcomm may not like this.

Violating rules of IC speciesism and racism: I was captain and it was a zombie round. Once it was found out that the zombies are attacking I made an announcement which went somwhat like this “It seems like we have zombies on our station. Time to go racist. Kill those greenskinned bastards”. If anything this was a joke on racism and how stupid it is.

I feel like most of these violations were simple misunderstandings. Even if you do agree with me I will understand having to wait the 2 weeks I was told to wait.

I’m not going to pull logs for all of these incidents to get screenshots, but here are logs from the first:

This is unambiguously a violation of our rule prohibiting sexual content, which reads:


Absolutely no Erotic Roleplay (ERP) or sexual content, including direct or indirect mentions of sexual behavior or actions. (YOU WILL GET PERMABANNED) (Leeway is given to insults, ex: ‘You are a dickhead’, do not push it)

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