JJGiancola Summary: I destroyed engineering equipment

Ban reason: Round 37472 self anti/sabotage/unreasonable incomplete in role: AME/SMES sabotage, starting plasma fire, deconstructing equipment all over the station, salvaging shuttle sabotage.
Length of ban: Permanently
Events leading to the ban: The round was really dry and boring so I thought I would try to see if I could make it more interesting.
Reason the ban should be removed: I have learned that destroying a lot of the station is bad and annoying for other players and that I should not do it any more. Also i did not realize the amount of property i destroyed so I apologize.

Sincerity, Beekatan-Beek

The round being boring or dry is not an excuse to self antag and break the rules. I highly suggest to just go touch some grass next time you are not enjoying the game so much you need to break a bunch of rules and ruin a round.
That being said It does seem you have reflected on the situation and seem to have a comprehension of the issues.
I will drop the ban down to a week from when you were banned to complete on the 13/11/2023
Appeal accepted - Ban reduced to 1 week ending 13/11/2023

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