Job and account ban for throngling as qm

Ban reason: [Throngling as qm when i was attacked]

Length of ban: [12 days 14day command ban]

Events leading to the ban: [So i got qm on lizard i want to gamble as i love gambling i begin grinding out bountys and getting a shit tonne of money ti gamble with we open a few crates and dont get much one crate we get the Throngler i was the one who opened that crate so i get i try it out on a canister and then a glass wall “pretty neat” suddenly a borg sees this and announces to the whole station i tell command i have it and they dont tell me to do anything with it so i have the impression i can keep it and people start to show up 2 people come in and try to stun me so i attack they both instantly start trying to take them to med but one of my cargo Assitants and someoneelse offers instead i then go back into cargo panicking becuase i killed to people suddenly all of sec show up and start attacking me im paniced becuase like 10 secofs and warden are trying to kill me so i hide and say whoever trys to break in dies one guy comes in and they die wardrn also died to me in initial break in i beg for this to be solved diplomatically and for they all to stop and just talk they refuse and throw tear gasses i go into space and throw it out into to space so nobody else can get it and then i die and get round removed by cap shortlyafter someone threw a bomb and someine ended up rotting]

Reason the ban should be removed: [I was literally backed into a wall with people who refused to negotiate there was nothing in the rules that clearly said if i got it i had to give it in i was under the impression if i got it i would be allowed to keep it (one of the main points in the ahelp) i also got attcked be people who refused to negotiate with me i was begging i realise my fault i also really want to play in that event tommorow i was given no chance to even think abour what i got before i was attacked twice and i just wanna play ss14 :frowning: love you all]

I have decided to deny your appeal on this occasion.
Sidenote: In normal circumstances we expect you to appeal separately for rolebans and gamebans but due to both being applicable for a speedy appeal I will allow it.

To enable speedy review of all appeals, appeals that meet certain requirements may bypass the standard, often lengthy, review process. Our banning policy requires appeals which are denied using the speedy review process have this notice placed on them. Any of the following criteria typically make an appeal eligible for the speedy review process:

  • the ban length is less than or equal to 14 days,
  • the appeal is older than 7 days, or
  • the result of the appeal is obvious.

In some cases, the banning admin may process the appeal. The banning admin cannot process the appeal if:

  • the facts that led to the ban are disputed,
  • the appeal makes a claim that the admin who placed it was biased, or
  • the ban was not within the ban guidelines.

You may contact a head game admin if you believe this appeal was handled improperly, but should be aware that this will typically only result in a review of the processing of the appeal itself, with the appeal being re-opened if an issue is found. An appeal is considered to have been processed improperly if the criteria to use the speedy review process was not met, or if the facts which the processing admin relied on to process the appeal were incorrect. You must concisely describe why you believe the appeal was handled improperly. If no issue is found with the processing of the appeal, the appeal itself will not be re-reviewed. If, in bad faith, you claim that an appeal was handled improperly, the reviewing head admin may decide to extend the time you must wait before you appeal and/or extend your ban duration. You can find a full list of staff, including head game admins at the staff directory.

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