Job-ban Appeal

SS14 account: IronFist
Character name: Honkfoolery Clownson
When was the ban: I believe a week or two weeks ago in Wizard.
Your side of the story: I was drawing “shitcurity” with crayons at the front of SECs door and one of the officers wasn’t too pleased and decided to chase me down and arrest me. Once he slipped on a banana and dropped his handcuffs, I cuffed him. Then the mime who was with me decided to strip him and steal his stuff.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I only cuffed him so he could stop coming after me since I don’t believe it’s against space law to simply draw. It wasn’t my attention to rob or strip him in anyway as that was the mime’s doing.
Anything else we should know: None.

The sheer number of people who believe you did nothing but self-antag worries me that un-job-banning you would be a net negative for other players. I’ve heard multiple complaints about your behavior as assistant alone.

Well recently I’ve just been playing as a repair assistant and haven’t done seen myself doing self-antag stuff apart from being an antag myself. Plus that I can guarantee I had nothing to do with that SEC getting stripped and his PDA getting stolen. I just handcuffed him and that was all.


Closed by mistake.


So am going to be job unbanned from being a clown and mime?



This is on general consensus from the admin team. You’ve only just had your ban expire today so we want to see some good behaviour from you for awhile and playing a role that’s very likely to be targetted such as clown is not a good way to go.

Appeal again in 2 weeks if you want to appeal it still. Thanks,

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals