[JoeyMaguire Game Ban Appeal] [Beating up a cuffed player as HOS and agitating the admin ]

Character name: Don’t remember the name of my character (Maybe Greg).

Type of Ban: Banned from being security or captain.

Date of Ban and Duration: Couple of months ago. 

Reason for Ban:  I was beating a cuffed player as HOS and when questioned why I was acting panicked and agitating the admin.

Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard [US West]

Your side of the story: The man I cuffed wouldn’t stop talking so my dumbass decided to beat him to a pulp and when the admin started questioning me I do admit I was a little agitating but that was because I was nervous. 

Why you think you should be unbanned: I know I had 40 hours at the time of being banned and that’s a lot of time to adjust and understand the rules of the game but I honestly had no idea what I was thinking when I beat up the cuffed person and I’m honestly sorry. 

Anything else we should know: At the time of being banned I just got SS14 back so that’s why I was being a little “noobish”

You already have an appeal here:


You can’t have more than one. Pick one you prefer and request admins to close the other.

I know but I thought they had to have what it wwas for so I re did it


Please just post a reply in your thread next time with any additional information. I’ve closed your old appeal and we are using this one.



I’d like you to explain why you are appealing on this account which is not the account which was rolebanned instead of the account you asked about the rolebans on to me which is “FreddyHasBigCake890”.

I unfortunately don’t have the email to the account and had to make a new one 

I do not believe this as it is not supported by your connections.

You first connect using Freddy in December 2021, then a large gap until July 2022. Then we start seeing JoeyMaguire on 11/12/22. Then we see Freddy back on 11/25, and you ask me about your bans on 11/29 using Freddy, and almost immediately switch back over to JoeyMaguire. I find this incredibly suspicious.

I thought the two accounts were linked, and I also forgot the password to FreddyHasBigCake890 so I said fuck it I’ll use JoeyMaguire because I thought it’d save me time instead of looking which email my other account was linked to, which I don’t think I even have access to anymore 

I also didn’t like my old name which Is why I first decided to make this one

Your claim for your account has me suspicious but overall I do not think you are lying nor have we had any noteworthy problems with the playtime between your two accounts.

I will remove the rolebans which are preventing you from playing security, however I will be banning the other username only. This is the only account you should use and I will transfer anything else over.

This appeal is accepted.

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