JohnPigSaw - My brother tricked me into Metcomming

Ban Reason- Used Metacomms

Length of Ban- Permanent

Event Leading to Ban- My brother, while we were playing SS14 together, told me to get a wrench and hit a toolbox he had put in Med, I said “sure.” and did just that, but right before I hit the toolbox with the wrench, I said (in LOOC chat) “My brother told me to do this” Right before I hit it with the wrench. The toolbox was a Syndie turret.

Reason it should be removed: I feel like I was tricked and betrayed by my own brother, I didn’t know he had just told me into activating a Syndicate turret AND GOT ME BANNED because I spilled the beans about who told me to do it. I’m sorry I did that and I promise to obey the rules about stuff like Metacomms, I know it isn’t my fault but I apologize.

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