JoshiBro - 3 security officers use lethal force against mutiny (ban of multiple security officers)

SS14 account: JoshiBro
Character name: Alben Hardling/Dirk Sypher
Type of Ban: Temporary Ban 2~4 hours
Date of Ban and Duration: Time when
Reason for Ban: Failed to follow Rule 4
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard’s Den
Your side of the story: I was told the there was a mutiny and the security team told me that people are killing inside the Bridge. The officer team barged in and killed the non-command members who are rioting, including the Traitor that was captured and escaped with weapons. Traitor helped making the riot bigger.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Not to unban but to clear some history of ban that I have been falsified. This causing other Admins from other servers to ban/hate instantly me because of having a record.
Anything else we should know: Can I a DM on my ban list? Need to check the other false bans. There was another one, earlier than this when I got a power-outage before I could explain.
appeal, include it here.

I’m confused. What exactly are you wanting here? This ban expired two months ago.

This is about them being barred from Outer Rim.

I got word from some of the servers that you claimed to play on and they told me to keep an eye on you.

If I have to keep an eye on someone, they don’t get to play on OR, because i’m a lone admin/maintainer and don’t have time for that.

Thus, no whitelist for you.

You have no notes on wizard den servers. Your only ban was 2 hour gameban and a 2 week HoS/Warden ban for poor usage of lethals.

There isn’t anything to really discuss here. If you’re asking for us to remove the ban from your record… no. We don’t do that. You got banned and you served your sentence. In 4 months it will expire from your record and it doesn’t appear that you play frequently enough or poorly enough that you’re at risk of racking up a permaban unless your behavior drastically changes overnight. If you’re asking to change how other people perceive you, you should be focusing on your play. We can’t change opinions.

If you’re looking for further clarity on anything from a wizard’s den perspective, you are welcome to DM me. There aren’t any records against you to falsify. Beyond that, it looks like your issue is mostly with other servers, so you’ll have to take it up with them respectively.

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