Jovica-Baned for naming pun pun LGBT HATER

Ban reason:Baned for naming pun pun LGBT HATER
Length of ban: appeal
Events leading to the ban: found pun pun dead draged him in my office and named him LGBT HATER and a bunch of people got mad.
Reason the ban should be removed: Its a fucking joke you people that things wayyyyyyyyy to seriously.(така е кога сите сте педери и си сечете куровите мамето педерско да ви еба)

After consulting with a member of the admin team in regards to your non-english section of the appeal, this has been upgraded to a voucher ban. 
A voucher ban means you cannot make an appeal until 6 months after the posting of your most recent appeal or attempt to ban evade. (At time of writing meaning 6/8/24). In addition, you will need a voucher of good behavior from any other server from space station 14 or space station 13 if you even want your next appeal considered. 

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