Jschip's Application

In-game Username** :  Jschip
Discord username: Jschip#9988
Characters you play: Layne Wood
How long have you been playing SS13 or SS14? I picked up SS14 around november of 2022, after having known and spent very little time in SS13 since like 2013. but since picking up SS14 I have already sunk in almost 400 hours and don’t really plan on stopping for a while.**

How many hours are you available per day: 
2-6+ hours a day depending on the day, mostly around 10pm - 7am EST

Days you are available on: 
pretty much everyday. 

Prior administration experience (SS13 experience recommended). Please also post a way for us to verify this: 

short of this workshop link from 2013 no other way to verify this due to it being so long ago and i was a literal child when I was like 13 my friends and I ran a Gmod, Counterstrike, Day of defeat source, and even a GTA SA RP server. my role was  mostly just moderation in making sure people were not yelling slurs or being complete asshats. and i also did a bit of back end stuff with the day of defeat server. outside of that it may not be conventional but I was a leader of a top 400 in the US wow guild (you can still see Jschip as listed as being an Admin), my roles when we operated**  was recruitment, and being the ranged lead as well as forum moderation. All this said i have no real experience when it comes to SS14’s admin toolkit and im only listed this experience to show that i have such experience with this kind of thing though it has been some years.**

Have you been banned from our game servers or SS13 servers before?
as far as I know I have never even been Bwoinked, let alone banned or warnings. 

This is the more essay-y part of the application, you should answer the following questions in detail, so we can get a better idea of how you’d approach adminning.

**What role do you think game admins serve on our servers?

I feel that admins fill the role of the referee a little bit. The goal of an admin should be to make sure the game is moving along smoothly, and everyone is having a good time. There can be times of fun and memes that help to foster a positive relationship between admins and the**
player base.**  But **** ultimately ** the goal Is to make sure the peace Is kept. Much like a Ref in sports, The goal is to make sure the game is enjoyed.

To go more into this Admins not only have to collect hard information from the game, be it logs or seeing the actions themselves. secondly since the logs may not paint a clear picture you will probably need to go ingame and talk to some players to get a few more sides of this so that you can get the most context you can and make a judgement based on all of that. 

I Also think that Admins should be more about teaching rather than punishing. Obviously there are clear cut things that require punishment there is no debate**  there. but I think first and **** foremost  for the health of the game. It is important not to over punish someone for something that could have been a mistake. An Example: Someone does something not super serious but you don’t  want it to happen again? ask them not to do it again, explain why they should not do it, and if they are receptive hope they **** continue ** on the path of good. let’s say they are not receptive try maybe doing something light to punish them, maybe give them cat ears and a maid dress they can’t take off and make them a janitor that has to clean up. something light but shows their actions were not good and should not be repeated. and going through escalation that way rather than jumping straight to exploding or banning people. 

**How do you feel about the current roleplay status on the server?

For this I will be answering for LRP and MRP**

For LRP I do find at times some people treat LRP to mean No RP and that can be a bit of bummer for some people. while overall i think most people do try to role play at least a little and have fun with it. I do wish people would not pick “being a jerk” as their RP. please remember everyone is a real person and your actions do affect their games. but yes I have run into my fair share of shitters and i feel they are starting to become a bit more plentiful. This may be part of the RP rules having more slack here and leading people into thinking they can get away with more than they should. I also think especially on LRP that RP should be enforced far differently for new players than old ones. An example of this is a new player might struggle to swap between IC and LOOC when someone is teaching them and they should get slack because they are new and trying their best. but on the other side of the coin if you know someone has been around for long time and they are still doing it they should be maybe reminded of the rules at the least. One RP thing i would very much like to comment on is I find powergaming in Cargo to be at an all time high. I have been playing Salv a lot recently its possibly my favorite job at this point. But I am not kidding when i tell you half of my shifts i have to convince cargo and sometimes even QM themselves that selling NT property (Yes even maints stuff) to NT is bad bad not good. 

For MRP I’ll admit I don’t play as often as I should because i like higher player counts of LRP, that said the time i have spent on MRP has been very nice and i have found that people take the RP a lot more seriously.

**Why do you want to become an administrator for SS14? 

To be honest i kinda don’t want to be, I understand it can be a hard thankless job you do for free. I understand by doing it I may lose the ability to play rounds normally as I have to deal problems and fix them. That being said this might be my favorite game. and lately I**
've**  been having a harder time enjoying it because of dealing with “shitters” lately. to be honest I just want to play space game and enjoy my time (make content out of it too) while sending ahelps so **** someone ** else can handle that portion. and well that is really the reason I am doing this application to be honest. because I want the game I enjoy to be enjoyable for everyone. and lately i have found that admins have  been busy and a lot of my Ahelps seem to go unresolved due to that. and I want to clearly state this is not me saying any admin is not doing a good job. Everyone should be able to have a life and this a community maintained game. and in fact having admins be so kind has made me consider taking on that burden as well to put aside what i want and do what is best for the game so that EVERYONE CAN HAVE FUN.

all that said if I were to become an Admin I want to really focus on guiding people into the game and rules and helping them work on their RP. with a hopefully gentle touch. I would also like to potentially help with forum or discord moderation as well as i have a background with forums and such and really If i were to be an admin it would be to help take the burden off of the others and help share the load. like I have said probably too many times at this point; **I Just Wish For Everyone To Have A Fun Time In Space Game!

Thank you for your time and consideration,


This application will be denied at this time.

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