Juglistunite Ban appeal admin unsure/stealth

SS14 account: junglistunite
Character name: tommy the tail
Type of Ban:  perma game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: approx 1 1/2  to 2 months ago ( approx 1 month after my set one month appeal timer by admin stealth )
Reason for Ban:   reason being I myself broke ick ock during an extended round as a sec officer who got murdered in silent cold blood by the captain.
Server you were playing on when banned: lizard
Your side of the story: 

  I admit fault completely as looking back on the situation I did this to myself out of the heat of the moment poor judgement as the reasoning in my head was because it was extended it would not majorly affect the round.  I now see clearly that I was of course wrong as regardless of the situation i broke the rules and rules I should have known well enough not to break.   

This isn’t my first appeal about this incident I did so a while back and was told to wait before I can appeal again and in that time I have grown increasingly concerned that it’s a very real possibility I may not be able to play this game again as I have had more than enough fair warnings for almost every rule in place, that is known synonymously in the team obviously as I was made aware as I feel I am on extremely thin ice because of the negative reputation I have for breaking my share of rules over the time. 

In my defense I have not broken the same ones twice I’ve learned from every time I have been banned and made changes to better my behaviour in the game ensuring I do not break any rules and had been doing well having fun being a good sport untill I made an error in judgement and this situation happened.
Why you think you should be unbanned: 
the game and community is a special one,  I changed before and become a better player now I will change and become a model player.

if someone wrongs me in the game?   Dont say anything on the disc or OOC under any circumstances and if it’s bad enough ahelp it.

will be my fundamental philosophy upon return as nothing that can happen to me in game is worse then not being able to play this game again so I’m just going to keep quiet if that ever happens again and just play the game it is not worth it because at the end of the day it is just a game I should have just cooled off had a tea break and chilled instead of being salty so I’m sorry I see my mistakes and I wont ever do them again.
Anything else we should know: I feel I’m not even inherently a bad player I just have made some really dumb mistakes like I’m just that loveable idiot right?  Pls dont ban me forever I really love the spess dear lord I cant play another game it just calls to me :frowning:

I hear spaceasshole in my dreams…

You’ve been banned for a month now, so I think it’d be alright to let you back, though I’d need to consult with the team first. I really think you need to try harder when it comes to breaking the rules – regardless if you learn your lesson with each ban you’ve gotten, you still find a way to be punished for something else, and we cannot keep giving people passes just because “They did something different this time.”

The big thing you need to understand is that you are on ban number 7. If you get another, unless some sort of random miracle happens, it’s going to be without appeal. Meaning, you’re going to be perma’d and we won’t think about unbanning you. 

Before you ask, prior bans do expire. I think after about half a year or so. But please, we don’t want to have to go through this again. Not that we will if you get banned another time.


I will discuss with the other admins and see what the opinion is. 

Hi Junglisunite,

We’ve reviewed your appeal and we’ve decided to  lift your ban.

Keep in mind, however, this will be your last opportunity to improve your conduct within our community servers as you have accumulated  7  bans to date so far. This is your last chance.

Welcome back.

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