Junglistunit3 Admin Application Semi serious/testing the water

am i over 18?   yes, i am 27 this month.

in-game Username: Junglistunit3  (  i would be fine to change this to Jungle or Jung  if you dislike my name )

Discord username:  Junglistunit3#2727

Characters you play:    my most static names are,  Maxwell Roberts/ Doodles the clown/ father jones/ Tracy Doughloan.   I play mostly Admin or SEC unless going for T i would run as CHAP/BAR/BOT/LAWY/CLWN

How long have you been playing SS13 or SS14?:   I have on steam recorded just shy of 300HRS  (298.6)   this is all in a condensed amount of time as i tend to play for very long periods of time when sometimes 12+HRS

How many hours are you available per day:  Fortunately**  I do not have any work commitments, without getting to personal about my life I have plenty of free time to do as I please without the chances of **** surprise ** absence/hiatus from my chosen commitments.   Being an ‘epic gamer’ of sorts i am somewhat nocturnal to my British time zone from time to time this is the only major variable but i estimate i could give a min of 6hrs and max of 10/12hrs per day ideally intermittently in blocks of 2/3 days at a time.

Days you are available on:    All days,  i am also from the UK a timezone i have noticed is not as admmined as it should or could be at peak times for me ( 9pm- 3am )

Prior administration experience (SS13 experience recommended). Please also post a way for us to verify this:   Apart from being the sole admin of my own Discord who play mainly Tarkov,   None.  

have you ever been banned before?    Regrettably, Yes i have.    As it is known i am sure from my handful of ban appeals i have been banned on more than one occasion and for a multitude of rule breaks, some small and some quite big.    This however is something i now feel is not a negative,   because i have been banned before it has compelled me, and each time more so than the last to be a more model member of the community. Vitally ensuring that i do everything by the set protocol of the game and the rules of the server.  Doing this over time has lead to to a few realisations,  obviously it made me realise how much off an a*s i was before and to shape up my way of play to where i now feel i am someone in the community who can be trusted to always uphold the rules of the server even in testing situations that in my older playstyle would have taken matters into my own self antagging hands.  Secondly i feel that that as a direct consequence of my bans and changing my attitude towards to game on a whole has made me feel compelled to do what little i can to make the admins aware of the people who disregard the rules and generally ruin the rounds for other players but not only for my own benefit of having fun but so that others can too as i have seen a good number of people being upset about the same things that happen to me.  

This is the more essay-y part of the application, you should answer the following questions in detail, so we can get a better idea of how you’d approach adminning.

What role do you think game admins serve on our servers?      Game admins serve a greatly important purpose and that is in its own namesake,  to administrate the game.    this of course can and always will take on many number of tasks but the main actual role of an admin is to oversee and maintain the game in question.  of course ss14 is a unique game and cannot be overlooked that it is a challenging**  gamespace to maintain but that being said admin on ss14 are ESSENTIAL,  the game would crumble into nothing if it was left to mutate on its own accord so i **** wholeheartedly  feel the whole existence  of the game rests on the dedicated admin who do this job and for no more than their love for this game and that is something i can get behind myself as it makes sense to me why someone would do this for free with no **** salary ,  because this game is worth it and it needs people who care about it and want to see it flourish  in its final form.**

How do you feel about the current roleplay status on the server?      Currently as of now,  it is not great and could be taken up a level in my honest opinion.    having played many many hours of this game i can speak in certainty**  when i say that the shifts are tenfold more enjoyable when people put in just a minimal amount of effort to RP.  When i first started playing around half a year or so ago and it felt RP was way bigger of a thing to do and it was what **** honestly  hooked my first to this game as i could lose myself and many hours playing this game having some of the best gaming experiences  ive ever had, at times coming away from playing still laughing at what had happened.    sadly however i feel this has dipped alot and is less frequent and to be perfectly honest almost non **** existent ** over the past few weeks with the new testers coming into the game treating it more like a battle royale than what the game actually is and that is not amazing but its of course something that comes with time and teachings as i have learned myself.

Why do you want to become an administrator for SS14?

Well as the title states this is more me testing the water to see what the admin officially think of me as a player and person in the community and if i even would have the chance at becoming an admin as its fairly clear i do not have a great track record of being a model player, however i do feel since the start of this year i have been making heaps of positive progress towards my goal of being an outstanding member of the community.   This includes myself trying to help other players with questions in game and on the discord,  being part of discussions on the forums,  using Ahelp to report other players breaking game rules,  submitting some bug reports and all round being a good person in game and out from small things like having fun causing mischief ( always making sure to not break rules of course )   to big like not rising up to or getting involved when more heated arguments/ things are said in game OOC ect.   Being a Team player and more model player in game is something i aspired to be and i feel happy knowing i have came from the very bottom of the ban appeal page to feeling like i am somewhat ready to speak my mind on why i would like to apply to be an admin of the game.  Of course,  i have not actually answered that question and i will finish with my answer to the latter.     I want to be an admin of space station 14 because i have the desire to contribute towards this amazingly unique game and the one of a kind community that has the same affinity for it i do.  Not only i feel would this be beneficial for myself in a sense of achievement that i could be a part of this game as an official maintainer but i feel it would benefit many current and future players who come to the game as i simply want to become an admin to uphold the current standards of the game and its in game rules and space law as its widely accepted that un adminned times can be utter carnage and not in a good way.  having staff who would be willing to moderate whole rounds and chunks of the day would be incredibly beneficial to the community and this is something i would be more than happy to do.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application and i apologise for my less than amazing grammar, i am bri ish after all :smiley:



Denied, your history in the community/bans is a little too much to ignore.

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