[juzer] Spamming "_" (Second appeal)

SS14 account username: juzer

Ban reason: Spamming “_” in common chat.Explain on the forums.
Date of ban: 2023-05-20   | Length of ban: The ban will only be removed via appeal.
Events leading to the ban:
    Be syndicate -> buy shop injector -> throw used injector into disposal -> they find it instantly -> get caught by sec -> get locked in perma -> farm and play block game for 2h->
-> get idea “Wait I’m syndie I should be doing something bad” -> gets extremely stupid idea “I will blow to the radio mic in common radio channel to lock the communications” -> spams _____________ for ~1-2min (Ctrl+c Ctrl+v)   => People started complaining, I stoped  -> gets banned tomorrow
Reason the ban should be removed: Spamming was not intentional, and I suffered mentally enough. I really like this game, things that could happen in it are unmatched.
Reason that I lied about first appeal: I though the whole situation was too dumb to be taken seriously.

The administrative team has decided to accept this appeal.

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