Kaizun ban appeal, reason not given in ban message

SS14 account username: Kaizun
Ban reason: It just says datacenter appeal and then this forums URL 
Date of ban: about a year ago?
Length of ban: permanent
Events leading to the ban: was playing in nyanotrasen i think? dont really recall but it had cat races in it and essentially it was dead hour and was put into CMO job or i was a clown that moved to it, anyways a grey shirt was breaking into the chem room i told em not to no sec was there and nobody was helping so i attacked them when they broke in got them out of the room then healed them

admin messaged me with a real sour attitude, i never denied any of my actions but the convo went along as them telling me that i will be kissing my whitelist goodbye, i said okay thats fine and closed the admin message, they then sent another message agging me on like they were trying to get me to grovel or act like i feel bad for what i did

i said that im busy trying to heal the guy and get meds out for people 

the staff got mad and kept trying to escalate the situation 

they told me they would temp ban me and i said Okay, thats cool 

they then said with an even more feiry attitude that they will simply perm ban me and attempt to ban me for all servers 

next thing i knew i was banned and just gave SS14 a severely long break
Reason the ban should be removed: It was an excessive ban motivated by an unprofessional staff member on a nyanotrasen server that was trying to push me into begging and groveling just cause i was gonna lose my whitelist over my one and only bad thing ive ever done on the server during a dead hour with like under ten people 
frankly i just wanna goof around as a clown idc about the crappy whitelists and powers, and im not a super big fan of the SS13 engine

This is for appealing bans from Wizard’s Den servers, not Nyanotrasen. Your account is not banned from Wizard’s Den servers. Certain IP addresses are blocked with “Datacenter” bans, however these should not affect you if you turn off things that may route your connection through a datacenter like a VPN.

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