[kinglach] - blew up pill pile as non antag

SS14 account username: [kinglach]
Ban reason: [(not exact) immeditely blowing up pill pile when joining game then suiciding and leaving when put in a cell]
Date of ban: [10/06/2023]
Length of ban: [perm]
Events leading to the ban: [(reason explains) i got a vape to blow up the pill pile then left the game]
Reason the ban should be removed: [now i get that i was a bit of a dickhead but i dont think the damage was that much (in the discord people joke about blowing up pill piles alot) at the end of the day no ones game was ruined and i dont think i should be banned for that long. i left the game not because i was jailed (it was only 5minutes) but because i had a few jobs i needed to do IRL (im not a dickhead and will be willing to wait a longer sentence in game for it)

not that its a good reason but i blew it up because i do hate it when chem just leaves a pill pile there UNPACKAGED and people always talking about blowing pill piles up and that its funny (one told me that you inhale all the pills if you blow it up) so i meant for it to be funny Yknow random dwarf inhales all the pills gets high then dies but it liquified them i panicked because it wasnt funny anymore it was just me being a dickhead because nothing happened to my character so i ran got arrested then needed to leave the game

i dont think the damage is big as chemists dont do much after making the pill pile and just sit around the rest of the shift

its a first time offence of something i was meant to do that was meant to give people something to laugh at that is stupid but failed misserably and now i know where the admins stand with this behavior i will restrain from doing dumb shit that annoys people

if you need to contact me please do it thru discord as i am most active there (in dms) my account is “kinglach#5957”

i am sorry for wasting your time thank you! and goodbye]

We typically appeal ban players who disconnect before being able to be contacted. Generally, non-antags should not be causing explosions. Please avoid making it your goal to do things that are likely to annoy people as a non-antag and especially making that be the only thing you do in a round. Your ban has been lifted.

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