KingOrange - Self-antagging as a passenger

KingOrange – Self-antagging (Breaking into armoury and stealing guns)

SS14 account username: KingOrange
Ban reason:  As Passanger , broke into armoury, stole guns. Already warned about acting like an antag as a non-antag multiple times.
Date of ban: 30.12.2022
Length of ban: Permanent (Appeal-Only)
Events leading to the ban:  As a passanger, i and someone else walked into sec, security had no electricity. I didn’t know what was his role. Security ignored us. The other “passanger” opened  the door to warden’s room , we walked in. Then we’ve entered armoury because someone opened the door, it wasn’t bolted. Ive took 2 lasers without the intent to steal them or attack someone. Then the other “passanger” got shot by warden, as I remember… And then I got shot aswell. I tried to fight back because I didn’t get a warning to leave the armoury and return the equipment.
Reason the ban should be removed:  I think the punishment is way too harsh, I didn’t have an intent to steal guns or damage the crew with them, I just saw an opened door to armoury and decided to walk in. I agree that I am guilty, as I had no reason to walk inside and take any equipment without warden’s permission. I hope I wont repeat my mistakes and ruin the gameplay for others. I’ll try doing my best to not break rules once again.

You have a prolific history of doing whatever you want to the detriment of everyone else trying to play the game which is what’s resulted in an appeal ban.

Your appeal contradicts itself immediately. You “walked into the armory and took two lasers without intent to steal them”. What sense does this make? What were you planning to do with them otherwise? You walked into the place lasers are supposed to be stored and then took them from where they are meant to be without any valid purpose or need of it, for yourself. That would be called stealing by the broadest of definitions.

The warden then opened fire on two people stealing shit from the armory, as he should when random people during a power outage walk into the armory and start pocketing guns. They don’t need to warn you to leave, you know what the armory is and you know you’re not supposed to be there, but you tried to fight back anyways.

This incident is not isolated and is a repeated habit from you judging from your player notes.

2 hours ago, KingOrange said:

Ive took 2 lasers without the intent to steal them

Please elaborate on how you stealing two laser guns from the armory is not you intending to steal two laser guns from the armory.

First of all, i agree that i am guilty. I understand that ive committed a crime. By “stealing” i meant that i didnt have an intent to escape from security with these lasers, i wouldve return them peacefully if security asked me to. As an example: You can take an item from bartender’s room and return it, after you get told to. Or you can escape with bartender’s items. These both are technically self-antagging moves, and i agree that i am guilty. In my opinion, punishments for these should be different. I hope that will explain what i meant.

So do you think that the Warden was unjustified in killing two people that they knew for a fact were in the armory and attempting to smuggle laser guns without giving you a warning first? Do you think that is an unjustified use of lethals because you did not classify as a “lethal threat” when you had stolen two laser guns (lethal weaponry) from the armory?

I am fine with the fact that warden shot me. I’ve played as security, i understand that sometimes their job might be really difficult. Warden had to respond rapidly, as we took high-valuable items. In my opinion, trespassing should be solved by security, which already happened. I think perma-ban is a way too severe punishment. After getting warned by administrators, i’ve understood what i did wrong, i didnt break rules in the same way, as i learnt my lesson. I understand how it feels when someone ruins the round. In a short amount of time i’ve played for over than 240 hours, most of which i played on Wizard’s Den Lizard server. I really love this game and this server, players, and community. I’d like to return and play the game again. I am apologising for whoever who got their round ruined because of me.

Hi KingOrange,

We’ve gone through your appeal and have come to a verdict. We will be lifting this ban, with limitations.

You are on probation to avoid any admin-encounters of any negative manner. Please do not violate the rules during this time or it can lead back to the forum’s ban-appeals section.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals