Kiriyaga - Racism

S14 account username: Kiriyaga

Ban reason: Racism

Date of ban: 07.05.23

Length of ban: Permanent

Events leading to the ban: I was an intern, I healed the janitor out of crit, and when the ETA arrived, im jokingly said a phrase in which there was simply n-word

Reason the ban should be removed: I didn’t know what this rule even applies to such words, I thought it only applies to hate and stuff, but not a joke. What do I need to do to get my ban removed?

You’re saying this was a joke  and you didn’t think it’d violate the rule saying “Absolutely no hate speech, slurs, bigotry, racism, specism (demeaning other characters in-game due to their in-game race), sexism, or anything even remotely similar”?

Yes, if you look at one message, it violates the rules, which I admit, but I thought that the rule fits the context of hatred, and not all together, and if you look at the log of messages before and after, then there is no hatred on my part to anyone . It was just a thoughtless phrase, because I am new to this server and did not realize the seriousness of this particular rule

Here are a few minutes of the messages before and all of the messages after:


We’ll discuss internally, but regardless of the decision, be aware that use of the word violates the rule by it being a slur, regardless of how it is used.

The admin team has decided to accept this appeal. Before playing, please ensure that you’re familiar with the server rules, feel free to ahelp anything you’re unsure of.

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