KomaO's Ban appeal / I do not know what mod

SS14 account:  KomaO
Character name:  Sigmund Goldberg
When was the ban: i think 4 days ago 
Your side of the story:  I started the round and someone who I forgot the name of said something along the lines of “all of the greys were his slaves” and I said “greys are slaves” which on its on own is bad yes but I meant it as a question not me agreeing with the man 
Why you think you should be unbanned: I did say it yes but under the context I do not think its fair to ban someone for a slip up in typing and i shall be more careful in the future my grammar is not very good as English is not my first language my apologies .

Mind explaining your email address mate?

It’s a old email address before i knew it was a slur it was a play on some old tumblr post joke about “my granny is binary” and the only thing i could think of that rythmed at the time i know its bad now and i cringe everytime i put it in nowadays i just don’t know how to actually change it and i use it for to many things to get rid of it 

Frankly the fact that there’s many reports of you griefing in ahelps is a little ridiculous, especially when you have 5 bans under your belt. Clearly these haven’t stuck and we need to make this one a little longer. Even without considering the email.

Try appealing in at least a month with a better email.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals