Kriso116 - Going ssd as a command role (once too often)

Role(s): Command roles (HOS,HOP,QM etc.)
Length of ban: 3 days
Events leading to the ban: Me going ssd as a Head of Personel. It may not be my first time doing so, and im aware of that, but that one time after what i got ban wasnt exactly my fault, and it may be something you hear often, but my internet connection and entire electricity in the house went down, so i couldn’t come back to the round, repairing the electricity took my parent long enough to not be able to come back as in case of power cutting off, my router need manual restarting as well.
Reason the ban should be removed: I think that my ban should be removed because I think I proved I am competent to be head of one of departments, and because that was an incident I couldn’t do anything about. Its not often to see me ssd for longer than 15 minutes and as i cannot promise it will never happen again, i can make sure i won’t pick up unreplacable role if there is a change i will be forced to ssd for longer.

This roleban is only three days. You will survive. Denied.

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