KVOSH's Ban appeal, Admin checking among other Ahelp related infractions

SS14 account username: KVOSH
Ban reason: Repeated cases of admin checking & admin shopping, despite being told countless times to stop. Explicitly sought out and admin they thought wouldn’t be knowledgeable enough to recognize them (as it was a trial admin), and attempted to manipulate good favour from them by asking for positive notes, which, again, they have been warned about doing on multiple occasions. Head admin decision & admin consensus to ban.
Date of ban:13th of January
Length of ban: I believe it was originally for 8 hours. but was revised to be until the 29th of January 
Events leading to the ban: For a while now I have been engaging with some admins in the Ahelps in various way, whether it be saying “how do you do” to just doing general stuff like asking the admins about in game events, querying different questions I may have about the round or the game and even once or twice seeking guidance in what role I should play in, in game admin spawned events when I was playing pivotal roles like Captain.

I have been doing this for a long time now, I couldn’t say exactly when I started doing so, but to my knowledge it was since before the rule re-write. Which I may be very mistaken in saying so but I don’t believe there was an explicit rule about chatting in the Ahelps before the re-write, Please correct me if I am not remembering correctly.

Now it appears that since I started the game the concept of using Ahelps for any purpose other then reporting of in game issues has become a contentious issue, hence my current appeal. So first allow me to apologise if I had caused any of the staff the added headaches of having to reply to my inanity, That was not my intention but I understand if that is the effect I had. And please allow me to at least explain my intentions so that if anything it can provide context to my actions.

What I intended to do through my engagement through the Ahelps was to engage with the staff of the server and garner a rapport not for any amount of favourable treatment but because as can be seen from my attempts to become an admin and attempts at reaching out in other ways. I was looking to join the community in a more meaningful way other then being just a player. and as with many things in life it doesn’t hurt to have friends before you walk into a new environment.

So please understand that there was not any malice driving my actions or intended by it. My apologies again though if it was received in that sense.

The only issue I have with this ban seeing as its pretty cut and dry that I indeed violated a server rule is the way it has been received. specifically referencing what I assume was the catalyst for this ban, Which was my engagement with the trial admin that preceded this ban. I wish to give a greater context as to what it was that I was doing.

when I asked the trial admin if they had the capability to smite I was asking because I intended to ask for a note to be placed against my name. already with the knowledge knowing that there was already a note against my name that mentions to smite me if I ask for a note to be written against my name.

The reason I did that is because since the note has been added against my name I like to sometimes play around with the admins and ask that they do so, with the full knowledge that I am due an impending smiting. Had I realised that in fact I was due an impending ban I wouldn’t have done so. But in this particular instance the admin I was conversing with was a trial admin so I joked that this time I was in a much better position than if it were any other admin.

This in of itself was a joke but apparently hasn’t been perceived that way and has instead come across as me trying to game the system and get positive notes written about me unduly. And that’s the only thing I take Umbrage with in this ban is the implication that I would be either stupid or naïve enough to believe that a trial admin couldn’t enforce the rules or that I would actually achieve my goal of having a positive note added. I did it with the full intention of playing around with this admin as I had others. And I would hope that would be reflected in the note that I requested, which I believe was something along the lines of “is the best captain in the game”


Reason the ban should be removed: I don’t necessarily argue that the ban need be removed at the end of the day I definitely broke the rule of using Ahelps as a chatroom, heck I wouldn’t be surprised if I was the sole reason for that rule being added into the game. I just hoped to provide a greater context as to the reasoning behind my actions and to offer a sincere apology to those who I have annoyed with them. But please let my record speak for itself, I play the game as fair as possible and I don’t seek to cause trouble. this is my second game ban I have received in over 300 hours of play and the first one was because I spammed the connect button without realising that was causing issue.

in closing I wish to apologise once again, but this time directly to the admin that was involved in this particular instance. Sorry if I gave the impression of trying to take advantage and sorry If it came across as me belittling your role on the server.

We tell you we are going to smite you when you ask for notes hoping that this tells you to stop doing it. This is not an invitation to get free smites from admins. 

I was under the impression it was a bit more light hearted, tongue in cheek. from the ban I had concluded I was wrong. but your comment has removed any last shred of doubt, Thankyou

This interaction has me no less than furious.


KVOSH: wait are you a trial atm?
Whisper: Mhm
KVOSH: Do you have the power to smite me?
Whisper: In my own ways
Whisper: I have access to some of the main ones with some effort
KVOSH: in that case, can you add a note against my name
KVOSH: say something a long the lines of top rated captain
KVOSH: also justin lucy is speaking russian only
Whisper: you have a note that says to smite you if you ask for notes
Whisper: :think:
Whisper: I’m sorry little one
KVOSH: i know you cant smite
KVOSH: but you can write notes

At best this is ignorant. At worst this is malicious. FMPOV it looks like you are intentionally going to a trial admin to get a positive note added to your account because you think they would not be able to punish you for it. The rest of the team agrees with this interpretation. Beyond that, considering that you’ve been told multiple times to stop misusing and spamming ahelp, you are going to sit this out for its full duration, and if you do it again you should expect it to be a permanent ban.

The unanimous opinion of the team is to deny this appeal.

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