LeaderOfInk popcat#3487 Self-antagging, Shooting up a shuttle

SS14 account: LeaderOfInk
Character name: Zay
Type of Ban: Game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: Banned on 8/23/2022 | Banned until 8/25/2022
Reason for Ban: “Self-antagging. Don’t shoot up the shuttle, even if a “High Rank” tells you yo.”
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: Ok, so I was a lawyer, and I went down to security to see if any criminal needed a lawyer, nope, they just killed a person who was doing bad stuff, That was fine with me, so I waited a bit, then staff called a vote that said something like “Sence traitors are LAZY, should we call the shuttle?”, and yes won, so after that I was asked if I wanted to eat a floor donut, I said no, he said neither do I (he is head of security), a min or 2 later, a few ppl are around him, for some reason (including me, I was just waiting until a criminal needed a lawyer), and Head Of Security said “You have all done good, here is a reward” or something close to that, and he brought us to the armory, he told us to take stuff, we did, I needed a duffle bag, so I went and got one, came back, got 2 guns, idk the names of both, only 1, krammer, the other was like a mac 10 or something, so we took the stuff, and 2 of us (me and some other dude) followed head of security to shuttle, we got on, and I said to head of security “can we do it now?”, and he said “yes”, so I shot the place up, although I failed, idk if I killed a single person lol, but honestly I was just following commands, and he took guns too, plus the other dude shot the place up but idk if he got banned or not, anyways this is my story, ty!
Why you think you should be unbanned: I was just following orders, and I have only played a few other rp games, where higher ranking people can tell you what to do, so I assumed it was like that, and it was my first day playing, so I had no idea if I shouldnt or not, but now I know, which is good, ty for telling me btw!
to return, what value do you bring back to the community? Was your ban unfair? Justify it. I mostly wanted to be an engineer so I could fix stuff, bc alot of stuff was breaking, and I think I could fix alot of stuff that is breaking, I am also a very community member, I am a community member!
Anything else we should know: idrk but dm me on discord if you need more stuff, it ok if I dont get accepted but I wanna be on this server today, yk? my ban goes away tmrw.

You got a 12 hour ban for RDM. Senseless gun violence isn’t appreciated. The ban is gonna hold because you’re calling people dumbasses in discord while desperately trying to defend your baseless position. It’s 12 hours. Wait it out.

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