Lethal force to perform arrest of multiple perpetrators

Current game mechanics do not allow for the arrest for 2 or more perpetrators resisting arrest with non-lethal means, as they can interrupt a cuffing attempt by the arresting security officer with simple drags of either party. Stuns do not last long enough and can’t be performed fast enough to cuff two people at the same time.

Question: Can I use lethal force (shoot/stab/bash into crit) one/more of the perpetrators when they are assisting eachother and preventing a non-lethal cuffing?

It is very likely one of the perpetrators will die and would have to be cloned/defibbed when this course of action is taken and the players are well aware that a non-lethal lone officer is no threat as long as there’s at least 2 of them. Calling backup is often an option, but explaining and waiting for backup just allows the perpetrators to run away and results in a long manhunt. I’m also concerned about how it would look to an admin from point of view of logs, whether dragging to interrupt an officer cuffing someone is something I can rely on as to not be ban baited.

In an ideal scenario it would be preferable to attempt the following options in an effort to avoid escalating to lethal force if possible:

  • Attempt to call for backup or solicit additional help which evens the odds 
  • Remove yourself from the situation to obtain help and come back if it is feasible to do so and if the suspects continuing isn’t an undue danger to the station/crew (i.e; if you’re trying to break up a simple bar scuffle and nobody’s life is in immediate danger, it might be a good idea to quickly slip out and come back with help)

If either of these options fail or are otherwise not practical for the given situation (ex: you are under direct attack), and especially if you are already justified in using lethal force (you believe your life or someone else’s is in danger, etc.), you may escalate to lethal force to protect yourself and effect an arrest. Lethal force escalation also provides a clause for “the suspect is unable to be safely detained by less-lethal means. This includes suspects who continue to resist efforts to be cuffed or suspects who cannot quickly and safely be detained less-lethally”.

Again, it is preferred to attempt alternative options to lethal force where practical, but it should be weighed against the need to immediately stop/arrest the suspects, the severity of the crimes being pursued, and the need to protect yourself, another innocent, or the station at large.

In the case lethal force is used in this manner, you would be expected (to the best of your ability) to attempt to limit the amount of collateral damage and attempt to prevent the suspect(s) from dying. If enough of the suspects were to abandon their attack on you after you deploy lethal force (ex: the second suspect thinks better about getting shot to death and flees the scene while the first suspect has been heavily injured or knocked into critical by your attack) it may be appropriate to de-escalate to something less-lethal instead of further pursuing the suspects with lethal force after immediate danger has passed, however this is up to the totality of the circumstances.

A rule clarification supporting the original answer has been created to update this question to be compatible with the new system, which aims to support all answers with clarifications.