Limits on antagonist sabotage

Massive station sabotage, including widespread power sabotage, is generally forbidden early in the round. Exceptions exist for antags who may directly benefit from this, or who’s goal is to destroy the station, like nukies. When massive sabotage happens, the experience of other players should be considered to an extent. Having to respond to emergencies is not necessarily considered a degradation of gameplay for other players, but creating a situation that is impossible or extremely difficult to respond to, such as plasma flooding, may be. The more directly aligned mass sabotage is with an antag’s goals, the more leniency is given for degradation of other player’s experiences though mass sabotage.

While degradation of a small number of players’ experience, or degradation by late round mass sabotage fully in line with goals, is typically not considered an issue from a rule perspective, game admins are free to interfere with rounds where this happens to improve the overall player experience. Game admins may also decide on a case-by-case basis that certain actions are too degrading to experience, and decide to ask a player to stop. Players may always ahelp if they feel something is significantly reducing the quality of a round, and antags can ahelp to receive permission in advance of doing anything that they’re concerned may be going too far.