Linger - Role ban

Doing this appeal again because I got rebanned the same day??? Did someone unban me and another guy reban me again? Im so confused.

Role(s): All of command roles
Length of ban: 7 days
Events leading to the ban: Arrived as head of personal, said in comms “if anyone wants to emag my uniform printer so I can dress up as centcomm, Im not a narc” Was in the middle of a thunderstorm and my wifi shut off for the day, so that means I was perma ssd for the round. Went back online and saw the ban message. 

Reason the ban should be removed: It was a joke, I thought it would be pretty funny to dress up in centcomm clothes. I understand command has to be serious about crimes but I feel a week ban for a stupid joke is unfair. I went perma ssd and couldnt ahelp it because my wifi was shut off during a thunderstorm. Ill take command more seriously from now on.

Ive realized the problem. For some reason it shows that I can play as command role like Im not banned, but when I click on it, it doesnt let me. Just a bug.

Command Role ban is real, Finishes on the 2024-02-07.
Will leave it to run its cause as it looks to be valid on review and its almost over.
Appeal closed - lifts on 2024-02-07

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