Lizard Tail Dragging is Overtuned

Diona have the special ability of getting shot 4 times by captain pistol and taking 700 heat damage, and slimes get killed by 1 fire extinguisher?

Yes, every species has advantages and disadvantages (Though I’d say both Diona and Slime’s disadvantages are “overtuned” even though they have very strong abilities).

Id like to mention that I was also wearing an armor vest with heat protection as the Diona

Specism is a non issue, literally just Ahelp it.

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I mean, given that the solution to a problem caused by a badly thought out PR is to ruin our tails with a crazy whitelist rather than you know, fix the thing that caused the problem in the first place and fix lockers, it kind of shows there is speciesism outside the game that we can’t really ahelp.

The problem was never lizard tails. Putting any slip in front of a person wielding a weapon in a maintenance hallway is an insurmountable obstacle until they unwield and pick it up. Lockers were OP even for non-lizards dragging them and using them as invincible shields. Both of those things were major issues that have nothing to do with lizard tails and needed individual fixes. When limbs are added, people will be hunting us for our tails and cutting them off.

Fixing an abused advantage

Clearly that is ruining it :confused:

“When limbs are added, people will be hunting us for our tails and cutting them off.” Is the most unhinged sentence I ever read

For me, tail dragging is really just quality of life most of the time, i don’t think it needs a whitelist for things. though i suppose lockers could just be heavier so you can’t just drag them around as a portable shield/ not let them stop bullets as easily?