[Loki] - [Misunderstanding]

SS14 account: Loki
Character name: Loki
Type of Ban: Perm
Date of Ban and Duration: A month or two ago.
Reason for Ban: Lots of things that were done in ignorance
Server you were playing on when banned:WizardsDen
Your side of the story: I was given a smg from a random, I unloaded the clip in… I think canteen which was the start of all this. I tried to explain myself but my story was not believed. My next mistake was to create a new account with the name “notloki” which I was immediately banned for. I should also mention my buddy was “adding his input” while this was going on, which strangely later was claimed (from your admin panel) that he was me? and that was yet another alt account. I can very confidently tell you, ChickenMcTitties is not me :stuck_out_tongue: anyway. I was upset and had a bad tone during all this.
Why you think you should be unbanned: We did something wrong, We apologize. I was new and didn’t see the rules and my buddy is a chaotic idiot. It’s now been 2 months (i think), we get it, we are more then willing to play by the rules. We are sorry.
Anything else we should know: I’ve seen many racism bans get appealed. Come on. We’re just ignorant, inpatient idiots, but at least we aren’t racist.
appeal, include it here.

For the record, if this appeal is accepted, chickenmctittes will not be unbanned and will have to appeal separately.

Sure, he’s a separate person so that would make sense :+1:

Admin consensus is to deny this appeal. You may appeal again in a month, preferably with a voucher of good behavior from a SS13 or another SS14 server.

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