Mack_Fappington - Supposed "Breach no sexual rule" and "casual racism"

Ban Reason:  Breach of ZERO tolerance rule: No sexual content, in any way, shape or form. Also, casual racism “I’m looking for my white Russian friend, but I see you only serve black”

Length of ban: permanent


To start, I had only just begun playing space station 14 a couple days ago, and I had no intent on becoming a troll around servers. I genuinely wish to learn how to play the game, and I will add, I feel this was more of a targeted ban than anything.

To start, I was initially in the bar having drinks, I was wearing a russian hat that made me have russian characters when speaking, so I had typed “I’m looking for a white russian my friend” and I had stated, as the bartender only had “black russians” ready to be grabbed at the table, " I see you are only serving black." And to be quite honest, has little to nothing to do with the primary reason for my ban, that being “zero sexual content.”

long after I even said the prior sentences, a detective came to the bar. At that point I had went to click on detective to hug  him and act drunk, but did not realize my combat was turned on. so, I had accidentally hit him with the crowbar that was in my hand. I then tried to run. the cop chased me down and cuffed me and brought me back to the security room. I was stating that there was a misunderstanding, trying to be in character and joking of course, and the cop was being rude and not hearing me out. Eventually during the conversation,  I came out with a bit of trash talk and said " i hope your jaw doesn’t hurt from all the dick you suck." I wasn’t trying to initiate anything “sexual” But I do understand how it can be labeled that way. Honestly, I had no idea the rule went as far as trash talk, I was only trying to get a reaction out of the guards.


Reaon the ban should be removed:

I’m new to the game , and just trying to have fun. I accidentally hit someone and I got banned for trash talk. I understand now that anything “NSFW” should not be stated even jokingly. I don’t mean to make this part short, but I do feel the circumstances and added on “casual racism” is ridiculous, and was added on presumably because I had made someone upset. But going forward I’ll keep myself from stating anything close to the word “black” or “white” as well i suppose.



Looking at the chat logs this is plausible. Please lay off the innuendo-based trash talk, though. Accepted.

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