Mae_B - Banned for RDM

SS14 account username: Mae_B
Ban reason: Rdm
Date of ban: N/A
Length of ban: Perma/Appeal only
Events leading to the ban: I had been playing chess with someone in the library.  My brother (autistic) is really good and chess and often watches me play ss14.  I had to go to the bathroom so I told him to play for me.  While im in there, he crit’d the musician.  He told me they had been playing the same song for the past 15 minutes.  He took their insuls then dropped them off in medical.  I was ahelped at the end of the round and banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: Ive since talked to him about the situation.  He felt really bad and doesn’t play anymore.  He is also taking therapy for anger management.  As for my previous violent notes, I have done my best to resolve any arguments ingame diplomatically rather than violently.

There are a few problems with this appeal:

  1. Your account is your responsibility. We will not differentiate between you playing on your account or your brother as there is no way for us to confirm this.
  2. You have a documented and repeated history of over-escalation or RDM. This would not appear to line up with what you have presented here where you let your brother play and he happened to beat the tar out of someone with little to no provocation. If your brother is actually the problematic component here, I would be hard-pressed to believe he was also behind the other three or four times this has happened.
  3. Parts of your narrative here do not make sense to me:
  • If your brother only “often watches me play SS14”, I call into question how he is competent and knowledgeable enough about the game to crit another player, steal their gloves, and deposit them at the appropriate department, all without guidance or assistance.
  • If your brother does actually play SS14, reason would stand that he would play under his own account at some point which you would be able to tell us about. If he doesn’t, then this still brings the issue of your account being your responsibility.
  • The reason for murdering the musician was “playing the same song for the past 15 minutes”. It would seem strange to me that your bathroom break was 15+ minutes for him to come to this conclusion, unless of course that counts time while you were also playing and he was watching.


All this being said, we are far from confident that you will not be a problem if we accept this appeal. Is there anything here you can clear up for us?

We both have anger issues (which we have recently started therapy for and things are already looking promising) and tend to get angry easily at seemingly insignificant provocation

The 15 mins includes the time he was watching me play before the incident

He only got violent when I left in hopes I wouldn’t notice

He didn’t play often enough for me to bother with setting up another account at the time

(since then I have made a new account as I wanted to change my username - new username Stagnant_Gravy12)

5 hours ago, Mae_B said:

since then I have made a new account as I wanted to change my username - new username Stagnant_Gravy12)

you know that ban evade (i think)?


12 hours ago, honkingoose said:

you know that ban evade (i think)?

If you don’t have anything relevant to add to an appeal, do not post on it.

18 hours ago, honkingoose said:

you know that ban evade (i think)?

I know.  that was not my intent.  I know that doesn’t work.  I simply wanted to change my username and thus migrated accounts.

Is this apeal closed?

We would move it to closed if it was.

Administrator consensus is to accept this appeal. Please note the following:

  • Your account is  your responsibility.  We will not accept the excuse that someone else was playing on your account.
  • You have a consistent track record of attacking other players unprovoked. The next issue we have of this nature will likely result in you being sent back to the forums.
  • If you wish to change your account’s name, you will have to reach out on the Discord. At this time I will only be lifting the ban that affects your current account “Mae_B”. 

This ban will be lifted.

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