MagikarpP - Ban appeal

First, I find this funny " You do not have to grovel and suck up to us. We are human beings. You are a human being. Please act like a normal person talking to their equal, and we will treat you the same." 
I asked for explanation and conversation with Moony to understand why I was being slapped on the wrist and then banned with “i said my say is final” or something to that effect, doesn’t seem very human being equal.  Seems like a weird power trip.

SS14 account: MagikarpP
Character name: William Nye, I had some randomized name prior ending in Nix?
Type of Ban: Server ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 11/6 right around 4:30?
Reason for Ban: “I said my say is final”
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: This is going to include the entire context it will be lengthy.

Started mime non antag.  I wanted to build a skool of fun and put a bunch of bananas, soap, and whatever funny items i can find in the map throughout the game there and pretty much run my own little mime store/school.  Got the clowns involved, they liked the idea, constructed a school near an unused airlock.  Built a little railing queue, a wall, a front desk, and a store room in the back where i stocked whatever we could find.  Clowns went out and collected items while i did this.  They ended up finding soaps, bananas, people’s ids, PDAs, other jobs clothes, etc.  Perfect for a school of silly and mayhem.

A sec comes in trying to arrest a clown for ‘stealing’ (i dunno where he got some of this stuff, i just stayed out of it mostly)  then the security guard says “how do i use the handcuffs” “i’m so retarded lol” and keeps failing to arrest the clown because the clown keeps slipping him.  So i grabbed the cuffs and arrested the sec.  This is hilarious, a bumbling sec trying to arrest clowns and mimes gets arrested.  I left his gear on him, and put his gun in my office, wasn’t planning on using it or anything.  We arrest him with his own cuffs and carry him to the room in the back and leave him in there (with his radio of course).  He radios in backup and they arrive.

Now there’s 3-4 sec trying to arrest a group of clowns who keep slipping them, it’s hilarious.  The walls are glass, mind you.  I use invisble walls to trap the main exit.  They get most of the clowns out through maint, there’s one sec left trapped in there with a clown, everything has been cleared out.  I keep trapping his main exit with invisible walls, he has a maint exit to go out of and glass to break to leave.  I leave both of these options open to him the entire time, and he keeps running into my invisible wall.  Eventually he breaks the glass, i put one more invisible wall (he can go around it) and he makes it out.

Fun interaction, took about 20-30 minutes overall for that entire ordeal.

I then get a dm from moony saying i’m harassing people and i reply “well that’s kinda mime/clowns job, no?”

I tried to ask for explanation and feel although, yes, it’s harassment, it’s roleplay, it’s the mime and clowns job to fuck with sec.  I don’t think we did anything above and beyond normal harassment that needs to be actioned on.  I’m willing to hear him out, but i don’t think that makes sense.  He bans me with “I said my say is final”

He also tried to claim we stole the cuffs and were harassing sec, the dude didn’t know how to cuff us, and after 3 minutes of him trying to cuff us, i think it’s within our right to shenanigans to cuff him back.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I provide good roleplay and am respectful of rules and other players, i don’t see how this was a break of rule 1.  I was willing to hear him out, showing my respect for the rules/admins, but they didn’t even want to have a conversation and just slammed the ban button.  I think this ban is unfair, completely.  We did nothing game breaking or game ruining.  I left options for anyone who was in that situatiuon, it’s not my fault they didn’t take them.  A stupid sec should be able to get into a stupid situation like this, it’s great fun for the clowns and mimes on board and adds to the nature of why this game is fun.  I think moony is in a pissy mood and slammed the ban button like a dick to prove they can.  It’s a little ridiculous

Anything else we should know: First time i’ve been scolded for anything on the server if that matters?

This was a 24-hour ban, by the way.  The appeal process is less for the unban, more for holding your own admins accountable.

I tried to discuss it with them, they said “make an appeal”, so here i am.

I should’ve been arrested in game, not banned on server.

I’d just like to point out from the get-go that it is not the entire purpose of the mime and clown to make security’s life a living hell or to fuck with them all game for no reason. They are entertainment/RP roles and not roles designed to be allowed to grief. I think that is the primary part of where you’re mistaken and majority of the reason why you think you’re correct in this regard.

You locked some security officer in the back rooms “as a pet”. I also think this is kind of going out of your way to be a nuisance/dick, regardless of if he still had his radio or not. 


The administrator being in a bad mood or not, I don’t think you were in the right here to be constantly dicking with security over and over, locking them in the back rooms, and then continuing to try and claim what you were doing wasn’t against the rules or wasn’t harassment. Originally it seems you were going to be let off with a warning but I think you managed to talk yourself into a 24h ban. 

I have no doubts you personally found this funny but I am fairly certain other players were not laughing along with you. Furthermore with coming out of the gate criticizing the appeal template for being a “powertrip”, I think you can wait 24 hours.

If you personally have a problem with an administrator or the appeal process you are recommended to direct message mirrorcult#9528.

one day players will realize that clown and mime exist to make people laugh, not ruin their day

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