Making shuttles, part 2: Basic shuttle laws

Part 2 of your local chaos-causing shuttle maker’s guide on Shuttles. Today we’ll talk about things to follow when creating that shuttle you’re working on!
First off:  Try to make your shuttle console face north.  That way, movement is a little more easy to control… Believe me, follow this advice. It will save you SO much hassle when driving the thing.
Second:  If an antag tries to attack, you have 2 options.

  • Make a deal with them, let them on board and talk with them
  • Get a gun (did you bring the cargo thing with you??) and shoot at them, hopefully robusting them before you get robusted.
    Also, please remember: Space law mandates that just being a member or a hostile corporation does not mean you should instantly murder them. If you can strike a deal with one, it would prove EXTREMELY profitable in the long run.
    Last thing to remember:  A recent update made computers take more power.  You might want to have 2 SMESes to fuel the ship long enough to get to CentComm or Argo.
    That’s really all you need to know! Happy shuttling, and  beware of Mr. Honks.

Why was this needlessly broken into two separate threads

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