Malignant- 2nd attempt, after talking to admin Rane of Nyanotrasen

I originally posted here, erroneously, about my ban appeal to Nyanotrasen servers. I was also subsequently banned on Wizard (Lizard) server for being “an Alt of Malignant”. The reason I am making an entirely new thread is because my thread is closed. Sorry for the inconvenience. for the original post, click here: 


After the host Daemon commented on my appeal, I then joined their discord, and asked in general about their ban appeal policy. the user “Rane” asked me to DM them with my user (Malignant). I did, and his only response was the image I have attached. he then blocked me on both the server and on discord. I have no way of appealing now, and am permanently banned on both Wizard, and Nyanotrasen servers. 

I do not understand why my actions warranted this response (or punishment) from the admin. I honestly expected something a bit more mature, considering all I did was murder 2 people. I have also included the entire video from the Discord message I received from Rane.


Daemon, because you reached out to me before, I’m going to hope you can do something about this. 

Finally, i apologize for the length of my posts, but i want to provide as much detail and transparency as possible. If need be, i am open to a voice chat via discord. I am excited about this game, just as many of you are. However, given that Lizard and Nyanotrasen are the 2 most popular servers in my region, I literally an unable to partake in the playtest. 




ss14 appeal.jpg


I don’t know how many times we need to tell you no before you understand that this is just not going to happen right now.

You chose to use racial slurs on a partner server. We don’t appreciate that. You are going to sit out. Consider re-appealing in a month but considering your inability to actually see what you did wrong (you broke somewhere between three and six rules from my two minutes of personal investigation) you’re gonna have to have a fantastic appeal and a change of heart to get back in to either server.

You have been unbanned from the discord, and we can speak in VC about this.

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