Mango0620-Racial Slurs

SS14 account username: Mango0620
Ban reason: Racial Slurs
Date of ban: Not sure but most likely around 6months ago.
Length of ban: Permanent
Events leading to the ban:  I was role playing in the server and one thing led to another I said a slur, don’t completely remember the context
Reason the ban should be removed: It was many many months ago and I have interest in playing the game again, not gonna be stupid and say slurs again I just wanna play with my friends again. The original ban said wait 6months before it became perm ban so I figured might as well try to appeal again.

In your last appeal, you were told to get a voucher of good behavior. Do you have a voucher?


What is a voucher or good behavior? I played a bunch on ss13 and became a good geneticist which ig is good behavior do I just need someone to vouch or what?


An admin from a well known SS13 or SS14 server would have to say that you’ve been playing on that server for a significant amount of time without issues. If you believe that you can get that from whatever SS13 server you’ve been playing on, I can get you more details including how to get us the voucher.

Not super recently but I played and became a qualified geneticist on paradise station ss13 how can I get a voucher?

Ahelp the admins there, tell them you’re trying to get a voucher of good behavior from them for SS14’s Wizard’s Den and ask them to confirm that you’ve played somewhat actively without any major issues over a period of at least a few months. Take a screenshot of their response confirming that and post it here.

This appeal is being closed due to inactivity. Feel free to open another once you obtain a voucher of good behavior.

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