[MechagigaChad]-[LRP as Command/Atmos Break-in as Chaplain]

= For game bans =

Ban reason: Appears to have led a group that broke into atmos to sabotage it.
Length of ban: Appeal only
Events leading to the ban: When this occurred I was still a newer player, I wasn’t brand new, but I was still in my shitter phase. I played a chaplain this round, and had another chaplain friend- I quickly realized that he was an antag. During this round we both got equipped with plague doctor drip, and began preaching the word of pestilence or something like that. We ended up getting an army of mice and bats that followed us (it was pretty fun and harmless). Eventually a rat king spawned and he joined our (semi-antag, I say semi since the other chap was antag) cult. The rat king was killed, and a slime took his crown then started pushing me to lead the group into atmos. I at the time had no idea how atmos worked so I figured id go along with it. Some atmos techs saw us and the slime and bats started attacking them, and critted them. I stood back because I didnt want to self-antag (even though I already was by trespassing, at the time I didn’t realize that). When the round ended, an admin began asking in OOC what happened, and I immediately fessed up, and said they could AHelp me about it if they want any details, my side of the story, etc. I was not AHelped and instead just got instantly appeal only banned.

ADDED NOTE: I was so disappointed about the ban that I tried to evade the ban with a second account. This account was also banned and I was told I could not appeal for 6 months after the original evasion attempt. Lonesoldier mentioned that this would be after September 6, 2023.
Reason the ban should be removed: I have spent a lot of time in MRP servers such as Delta V and Frontier Station, and am in fact now an admin on Frontier Station. Not only has this been excellent for my understanding of the rules, but it’s given me a first hand perspective of what admins deal with on a day to day basis. I am what you would call a reformed shitter, and always have an intent to RP in game. I understand that theres a fine line between clowning and self-antaggery, and how not to cross it. Quite honestly, when this happened, I was still new to SS14 and saw it as a sandbox- and while it in many ways is a sandbox game, it doesn’t mean that you can do anything you want for the sake of griefing, antagging, etc. I’d really appreciate the chance to come back to WizDen so I can see what Upsteam has in store for Frontier Station, so I can enjoy time in high pop servers, and all in all- make amends for my past shitter antics.

= For role/job bans =

Role(s): Command
Length of ban: Appeal Only
Events leading to the ban: This one happened much longer ago and I dont recall all the exact details, but I will do my best to re-tell the story. I was working as HoP and doing a decent job at it, I had a scientist requesting some form of access, I dont recall what- but I told him I would allow it if he gave me something cool and science-y (I understand now from more playtime that this is obviously unacceptable and the best course of action is for him to bring me a stamped paper from the head of whichever department he needs access for). The scientist brought me an empty modular grenade and when I asked him what it did, he said “You’ll just have to test it out.” I went to… I believe it was the botany department, who I was on good terms with that shift, and asked them if I could try something. They said “sure.” I assumed/hoped it was a gas grenade full of space drugs since i’ve seen that multiple times at this point. Threw it. And there was an explosion. Here is where things get confusing. First- I was Ahelped and given the “Kill” smite. Which I believe is totally acceptable and honestly even lenient. Was told I’d be RB’ed from command-  again, lenient and acceptable. I stayed in the round as a ghost until it finished, and in OOC I apologized. I specifically recall someone saying they saw me throw the grenade and realized it was their chance. They admitted to causing the explosion, and said they used my empty grenade as a perfect cover to kill a target and get away with it blameless.
Reason the ban should be removed: First of all- I understand completely that command roles are inherently an MRP role- even in an LRP server. They are held to a higher standard of RP as they are necessary for a functioning station. I also understand that this RB may not be appealed immediately since as far as you are concerned, I havent played since the permaban occurred. However, if given the opportunity to work command roles again (if the appeal above is accepted) I would utilize everything I’ve learned from my playtime on Delta-V and playtime as well as Admin work on Frontier Station. Quite honestly- I’d just love to return on a trust but verify status. I understand that I probably have quite a few notes built up here, but if given the chance, I would prove that my past behavior would not be an issue in the future.

ATTACHED: Is some proof to verify that I am an admin in Frontier station. First is me utilizing the ‘adminwho’ command in the console which shows me as a ‘tempomin.’ The second is from the admin channel in our discord asking about that status- I am a full admin, my title just hasnt been changed in game yet.

Screenshot 2023-09-24 at 10.58.28 AM.png


Also I know I haven’t uploaded a voucher of good behavior yet- working on getting one from Frontier and one from Delta V. 


I will say though, proof of being allowed to be an admin in a constantly active server, should be considered indicative of good behavior. 


If you’d like the vouchers from both servers though, I’d be more than happy to get those :slight_smile:

Edit: after looking back at a previous appeal, it appears as though the command ban was based on holding a mutiny without Ahelping while playing as HoP. Long story short, I hired an assistant to teach them HoP, cap thought he had bridge access- he did not. And constantly tried to get me demoted/arrested for this. Security and HoS did not agree and let me go. Eventually sec started calling for a red alert for explosions and cap was not allowing this to happen, so I went and set the station to red alert, cap shot me with his laser gun. 

I called over radio about if people would support a mutiny since cap was power tripping and didn’t care about the station. Majority of people agreed, so we attempted to overthrow him. Cap killed me, sec wanted answer and cap was rude, short and did not give them all the details. 

Voucher of good behavior from Leander- long time admin from Delta V, Nyano and a whitelisted member of Salamander


Why did you censor the name of who is being mentioned for the voucher. Surely if that were you there wouldn’t really be a reason to censor it would there?

Real. On discord if you get a reply it highlights the message. I censored the first part as it was a more personal part of the message and quite frankly I don’t want any random person to be able to see my real name. 

Recropped, hope this is better


I hate to be a pill about this- but quite honestly, even being trusted enough to be made into a full time admin for a server as busy as frontier should in and of itself count as a voucher of good behavior. Won’t comment on this again until a decision is made

On 9/24/2023 at 2:19 PM, MechagigaChad said:

Voucher of good behavior from Leander- long time admin from Delta V, Nyano and a whitelisted member of Salamander


Is Leander their SS14 username? That account isn’t whitelisted on WizDen Salamander and has next to no recorded playtime. The playtime stat might be inaccurate if they primarily played over a year ago, and to be fair, they don’t claim to have significant WizDen playtime, but it’s not super meaningful for someone to say that they aren’t banned with the amount of playtime that account has recorded in the last year. That already calls into question the accuracy or significance of around half of what they’ve said in their vouch for you, and we’re unlikely to consider a voucher from nyano due to their dehubbing. Unless I’m mistaken about something, like what their username is, that boils this down to a voucher from an admin of delta and frontier, for an admin of frontier.

That’s not to say that a voucher from an admin of two server isn’t sufficient to allow an appeal to be considered by the admin team, I just want to make sure that you’re aware of how it’s likely to be viewed internally, and give you the opportunity to address anything you’d like related to what I’ve said. To be clear, I also don’t blame you for not knowing any of this, you obviously don’t have any way to check someone’s WizDen’s whitelist status or playtime stats.

Moving on to your admin status on frontier, I will note that I do believe we’ve maintained bans for members of the admin team of another server in the past. That’s not to say that admin status on another server is meaningless, but I again want to make sure that you’re aware of how the information will be considered by the admin team. I don’t want someone to have wrongly set an expectation for you that you’d be guaranteed an accepted appeal when in reality, even an admin of another server with a voucher is not guaranteed an accepted appeal.

I’m not familiar with the timeline of your adminship on frontier, so some of this may not be relevant, and I don’t think that not having shared every one of these details is necessarily an indicator of dishonesty, or that they wouldn’t have still chosen to make you an admin had they known about it, but which, if any, of these details about your history on WizDen was frontier aware of at the time of your ban, and which was Leander aware of at the time of giving you a voucher?

  • Your most recent ban was an appeal ban because it was your 3rd ban in the last 6 months
  • Your second ban, the one that resulted in the command ban because of your involvement in a mutiny as a member of command, happened only a few weeks before your 3rd
  • Unrelated to any bans, you had been warned to not start cults just 4 days before your 3rd ban
  • Your 3rd ban was placed when you had 124hrs of overall playtime
  • You did not preemptively ahelp about the situation resulting in your 3rd ban, you were ahelped and asked about why you were self-antagging, and eventually said “So i mean if its a ban, or a killsign over me the next round, ill take it”
  • Despite saying that you’d take the ban, you attempted to evade it about a week later

Again, I wouldn’t personally necessarily consider it dishonest for you to not have shared every one of those details with frontier when applying for admin, or when requesting your voucher, but a few of those details are fairly significant so I’m curious which they were and weren’t aware of

As far as Leaders admin status goes- yes he is an admin in Delta v as well as Nyano. 


I was open about my bans in wizden and did share the details with the admin team in frontier. I checked my staff app, I’ve been an admin there for over a month, I got accepted on 8/15/23. When they were even going over my staff app I made sure to say that I had an appeal ban on wizden again in the comments of the app, as well as mentioning that i do probably have a few notes in Delta v. 


I do agree that the issue with the mutiny ban was not Ahelping preemptively. I should have known better with 124hrs in the server.


Attached is a picture of the Delta V discords game admin section showing Leander.


Should you decide to allow me to return to the server, I will keep RP heavily in mind, as ive learned to since the bans occurred. And as mentioned previously, I’d love to see what sorts of features we have coming our way to frontier station. 

As far as each individual ban goes- I was quite honestly in my shitter phase. I have no excuse for that, I kind of just assumed I could get away with anything without having to AHep, etc. And for the evasion, I was being stupid. I tried playing on Nyano and found just how different it was and that made me miss wizden. So rather than biting the bullet, waiting some time in order to make an appeal, and appealing- I tried to evade the ban which was stupid.


I can guarantee that if this ban gets appealed, there won’t be any further issues. 


Frontier Station owner here. MechaGigaChad has, over the last 2 months, proven not only to be an exemplary player, but also an immensely valuable asset to our admin team. The quality of RP he encourages, enforces, and personally brings to Frontier is a shining example we point to for our players.  The incident in question resulting in this ban seems to have been a result of poor decision and not knowing the proper procedures of asking administration.  Despite this, their behavior on Frontier has been a shining example for others, setting a consistently high bar for RP. Consider this my official voucher of approval of good behavior.

Hi there, I’m the Head Game Administrator from Delta-V. This thread was brought to my attention because someone said that the staff of Delta-V handed out a voucher for a ban appeal.

The voucher given out by Leander, to my knowledge, was not  run by anyone on Delta V prior to being given. While we *have* given out ban appeals before (like two in all), it is only after a good amount of internal discussion between myself, BasedPugilist (Server Owner), and Alyx (Discord Manager).

What this means is that the voucher that Leander has given out for this instance should exclusively be recognized as a voucher given off of his credibility alone, as nobody at Delta-V was even aware of a voucher being handed out.

That being said, Leander is a fine administrator. He’s done great work at Nyano and Delta-V, however this is *his* voucher, not *Delta-V’s* voucher.

*given out vouchers for ban appeals

lol my mistake

Thanks, hearing this I’m working on grabbing a voucher specifically from Delta V

Appeal accepted. You will have to appeal the command rolebans in a separate appeal. 

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