Hello. I am running Space Station 14 on Parabola GNU + Linux Libre. It’s based off of Arch Linux.

MIDI support used to work fine for me in the past when I installed both fluidsynth and fondfont-fluid.

However, recently MIDI has stopped working for me entirely. It suggests perhaps installing the developer packages of these. But, I’ve never had to do that before on a pacman based package system. Only ever on a .deb package system; and I don’t know how to even do that on a pacman based system.

I’ve tried reinstalling the packages from both Konsole and Octopi. I was suggested by admin help to try discord. But, it has been some time sense I’ve used a discord account and I’d really prefer to not have to use discord with this if I don’t have to.

Please help if you can. Thank you.

Not sure what broke and how it got fixed again. Both my OS and SS14 updated several times before it fixed. But, anyway, issue is solved now. Thank you for your time. This thread can be closed now.