Misgendered Admin after pronouns were discussed, and joked about it

Ban reason: Miros Server, 30/12/23. “Said ‘grow a penis’ in OOC chat after discussing pronouns were not he, zero tolerance for sexism.”
Length of ban: Permanent

Events leading to the ban: I misgendered an admin Following someone’s mistake (they apologized). I said “it’s too late, you are a he now” and then “grow a penis”. This was after the Admin clearly stated gender (and everyone had acknowledged).

Reason the ban should be removed: I meant it as a light joke, clearly it wasn’t light nor funny (I don’t know if this is relevant). What I said was terrible, I don’t mean to make it uncomfortable for those to work on a great game that many people enjoy. I understand the ban was necessary. I’ll change how I interact with others in SS14 and I’ll stop talking in OOC for the near future. If the ban sustains then I understand.

*edited for colouring

Admin consensus is to accept this appeal.

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